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1st Quantum Computing Hackathon, Cambridge, 15 June 2018

Installation (on Ubuntu)

Install global prerequisites, Python3 and its pip (Python2 is also supported)

$ sudo apt-get install python3 python3-pip

Install Collective Knowledge

$ sudo pip3 install ck

Installation (on MacOS)

Install Python3 and its pip (Python2 is also supported)

$ brew update
$ brew reinstall python
$ pip install ck

Non-root CK installation

You can install CK in your local user space as follows:

$ git clone
$ export PATH=$PWD/ck/bin:$PATH

Test CK installation

$ ck version

Common part of the workflow installation

Pull CK repositories

$ ck pull repo:ck-quantum
$ ck pull repo:ck-env
$ ck pull repo:ck-rigetti
$ ck pull repo:ck-qiskit

Detect a Python interpreter (interactively choose one if there are several options)

$ ck detect soft:compiler.python

Install this CK repository with all its dependencies (other CK repos to reuse artifacts)

$ ck install package:tool-hackathon

Install pyQuil

$ ck install package:lib-pyquil-1.9.0

Run a demo program (press Enter if prompted)

$ ck run program:pyquil-demo

    * tmp-stdout.tmp

      Number of games: 10
      Q's winning average: 1.0
      Picard's flip-decision average: 0.5


$ ck run program:rigetti-vqe