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A progress monitoring tool for ck run vqe

This tool provides a text-mode graph for showing the progress of CK VQE optimisation runs.


ck run program:visualize-convergence

This program helps to visually monitor the convergence of your ck run vqe runs. It can be run before or after your ck run vqe command, and does not need to be restarted for new runs.


The top half displays the energy that your optimiser has achieved as a function of iteration. The current run is shown as a filled dot, and prior runs are shown as unfilled dots.

The stats window shows some relatively self-explanatory metastatistics about your optimisation progress.

To exit the program, press 'q'.

Software used

This program uses asciiplot/AP by mfouesneau, available at The version contained here has been ported to Pytohn3 using the 2to3 tool.

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