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TensorFlow Lite image classification program

This program uses a statically linked TensorFlow Lite library.



# apt install liblapack-dev libatlas-dev
# python -m pip install scipy

TensorFlow library

$ ck install package:lib-tflite-0.1.7-src-static [--target_os=android23-arm64]

NB: Use --target_os=android23-arm64 to build for Android API 23 (v6.0 "Marshmallow") or similar.

TensorFlow models

Install a model providing a graph as tflite file e.g.:

$ ck install package:tensorflowmodel-mobilenet-v1-1.0-224-2018_02_22-py
$ ck install package:tensorflowmodel-mobilenet-v2-1.0-224-py

ImageNet dataset

$ ck install package --tags=small_dataset,imagenet,raw,val
$ ck install package:imagenet-2012-aux 


$ ck compile program:image-classification-tflite [--target_os=android23-arm64]


$ ck run program:image-classification-tflite [--target_os=android23-arm64]

Program parameters

Input image parameters


If set, the program will classify a single image instead of iterating over a dataset. When only the name of an image is specified, it is assumed that the image is in the ImageNet dataset.

$ ck run program:image-classification-tflite --env.CK_IMAGE_FILE=/tmp/images/path-to-image.jpg
$ ck run program:image-classification-tflite --env.CK_IMAGE_FILE=ILSVRC2012_val_00000011.JPEG


If set to YES, then all previously cached images will be erased.

Default: NO.

Input preprocessing parameters


The size of an intermediate image. If this preprocessing parameter is set to a value greater than the input image size defined by the model, input images will be first scaled to this size and then cropped to the input size.

For example, if --env.CK_TMP_IMAGE_SIZE=256 is specified for MobileNets models with the input image resolution of 224, then input images will be first resized to 256x256 and then cropped to 224x224.

Default: 0.


The percentage of the central image region to crop. If this preprocessing parameter is set to a value between 0 and 100, then loaded images will be cropped according this percentage and then scaled to the input image size defined by the model.

Default: 87.5.

NB: If CK_TMP_IMAGE_SIZE is set and valid, this parameter is not used.


If set to YES, then the mean value will be subtracted from the input image.

Default: YES.

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