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SqueezeDet validation and finetuning demo

This demo is mainly based on another demo by BichenWuUCB et al. and uses it as dependency.


  • Tensorflow library:
ck install package --tags=lib,tensorflow --no_tags=vshared
  • KITTI images dataset:
ck install package --tags=dataset,kitti
  • One of SqueezeDet models:
ck install package:squeezedetmodel-squeezedet
ck install package:squeezedetmodel-squeezedet-plus
ck install package:squeezedetmodel-resnet50
ck install package:squeezedetmodel-vgg16
  • SqueezeDet demo:
ck install package:demo-squeezedet-patched

This is only required as it contains Python modules implementing models.

TODO: Including Python modules into respective package listed above we could avoid this dependency.

  • KITTI evaluation tool:
ck compile program:kitti-eval-tool


ck run program:tensorflow-detection-squeezedet --cmd_key=test

Finetuning (TODO)

ck run program:tensorflow-detection-squeezedet --cmd_key=finetune

We could implement a command to fine-tune selected SqueezeDet model to detect objects of VOC and COCO datasets.

There are some challenges here:

  • Annotations format is different so some kind of label conversion is required.