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"backup_data_uid": "01c87e7efca7e532",
"ck_to_env": {
"CK_WA_SCRIPTS_PATH": "script:39157fb314f399ae"
"clean_dirs": [
"data_name": "WA workload: hwuitest",
"deps": {
"wa": {
"env_key": "WA",
"force_target_as_host": "yes",
"local": "yes",
"name": "ARM Workload Automation",
"sort": 10,
"tags": "tool,wa"
"no_compile": "yes",
"no_target_file": "yes",
"params": {
"frames": {
"allowed_values": null,
"default": 150,
"desc": "The number of frames to run the test over.",
"mandatory": null,
"type": "integer"
"loops": {
"allowed_values": null,
"default": 3,
"desc": "The number of test iterations.",
"mandatory": null,
"type": "integer"
"modules": {
"allowed_values": null,
"default": null,
"desc": "Lists the modules to be loaded by this extension. A module is a plug-in that further extends functionality of an extension.",
"mandatory": null,
"type": "list"
"test": {
"allowed_values": [
"default": "shadowgrid",
"desc": "The test to run: - ``'shadowgrid'``: creates a grid of rounded rects that cast shadows, high CPU & GPU load - ``'rectgrid'``: creates a grid of 1x1 rects - ``'oval'``: draws 1 oval",
"mandatory": null,
"type": "caseless_string"
"print_files_after_run": [
"process_in_tmp": "yes",
"program": "yes",
"required_device_access_type": [
"run_cmds": {
"default": {
"ignore_return_code": "no",
"run_time": {
"fine_grain_timer_file": "tmp-ck-timer.json",
"post_process_cmds": [
"python $<<CK_WA_SCRIPTS_PATH>>$$#dir_sep#$"
"post_process_via_ck": "yes",
"pre_process_via_ck": {
"data_uoa": "process-wa",
"module_uoa": "script",
"script_name": "preprocess_workload"
"run_cmd_main": "wa run $<<CK_WA_CMD>>$",
"run_cmd_out1": "tmp-output1.tmp",
"run_cmd_out2": "tmp-output2.tmp",
"run_output_files": []
"run_via_third_party": "yes",
"tags": [
"wa_alias": "hwuitest",
"wa_desc": "Tests UI rendering latency on android devices"