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CK platform widgets

We created various CK research widgets to help researchers detect features (properties) of various platforms (Linux, MacOS, Android, Windows) in a unified way.

They are available in the ck-env repos except platform.gpgpu which is available in ck-autotuning repos: You can obtain them via

 $ ck pull repo:ck-env
 $ ck pull repo:ck-autotuning

You can detect the following features:

OS features

 $ ck detect platform.os (--target= or --target_os=) (--device_id=)

For example, it is possible to detect OS features of an Android device via

 $ ck detect platorm.os --target_os=android21-arm

You can see JSON API (to be used in your CK modules, Python scripts or Jupyter notebooks) via

 $ ck detect platform.os --help

You can see JSON output via

 $ ck detect platform.os --out=json

CPU features

 $ ck detect platform.cpu (--target= or --target_os=) (--device_id=)

GPU features

 $ ck detect platform.gpu (--target= or --target_os=) (--device_id=)

GPGPU features

This feature detects GPGPU CUDA and OpenCL capabilities and may require CUDA compiler or OpenCL library installed (they will be automatically detected and installed by CK):

 $ ck detect platform.gpgpu (--target= or --target_os=) (--device_id=)

You can also specify which type of GPGPU you would like to detect

 $ ck detect platform.gpgpu (--opencl or --cuda)

You can also select from multiple devices and platforms via

 $ ck detect platform.gpgpu (--opencl or --cuda) --select

All platform features

 $ ck detect platform (--target= or --target_os=) (--device_id=)

Typical usage in CK modules or Jupyter notebooks

    # Get platform params
    hos='' # get from CK cmd: i.get('host_os','')
    tos='' # get from CK cmd: i.get('target_os', '')
    tdid='' # get from CK cmd: i.get('device_id', '')

    if r['return']>0: return r

    pft=r['features'] # all features

    hos=r['host_os_uoa'] # (auto-detected) host OS UOA
    hosd=r['host_os_dict'] # meta of host OS

    tos=r['os_uoa']  # (auto-detected) target OS UOA
    tosd=r['os_dict'] # meta of target OS

    tdid=r['device_id'] # Android device ID (if any)

    remote=tosd.get('remote','') # 'yes', if remote target such as Android

Questions and comments

You are welcome to get in touch with the CK community if you have questions or comments!

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