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Glossary and Abbreviations

  • CK - Collective Knowledge Framework
  • CK repository or CKR - Collective Knowledge Repository (directory with a specific structure containing CK modules and entries with JSON API and meta description)
  • CK module (or CK plugin or CK container or CK code) - Python module implementing an API with some actions to abstract and unify access to tools or data
  • CK data or CK entry - data which can be abstracted by CK module (can be referenced by CK module:CK data)
  • CK UID - 16 hexadecimal characters automatically assigned to all CK modules and data
  • CK UOA - CK UID or alias (means that API can accept both UID or an alias of a CK module or data)
  • CID - Collective ID to uniquely reference any CK data similar to DOI: "{CK module UOA}:{CK data UOA}" or "{CK repository UOA}:{CK module UOA}:{CK data UOA}"
  • cm - Collective Meta (a directory either with JSON meta description of a given CK entry or with disambiguators of CK aliases and UIDs)

Questions and comments

You are welcome to get in touch with the CK community if you have questions or comments!

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