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Here we list possible CK extension ideas for student internships, Google Summer of Code, collaborative grants, industrial projects, etc. You are welcome to add your own CK-powered projects or ideas here!

Table of Contents

Current projects

  • Improve framework for collaborative and reproducible co-design of efficient SW/HW stack for emerging workloads such as deep learning:
  • Use CK as a personal knowledge manager to organize, interconnect and preserve all personal coda and data via simple JSON meta with UIDs and semantic tags (see CK-powered CV).

Assorted ideas

We list many extension ideas as issues in various CK GitHub repositories:

Improve existing collaborative experiment scenarios

  • Improve/implement OpenCL/CUDA/GCC/LLVM crowd-tuning (see CK crowdtuning repo and crowdtuning results) - add finer-grain tuning; automatic kernel extraction from realistic workloads such as DNN; online clustering of optimizations and optimization prediction using collaborative machine learning (find correct software/hardware/data set features - see CPC'15 paper).
  • Add wrappers around GCC/LLVM to predict optimizations on the fly similar to our original MILEPOST GCC (see IJPP'11).
  • Add various machine-learning based autotuning exploration scenarios (cover optimization/data set/hardware choices) - see our publications
  • Improve CK-based CAFFE crowd-tuning

Add more collaborative experiment scenarios

  • Add automatic statistical compiler bug detection (see CK CLSmith repo).
  • Add automatic program behavior modeling (performance/energy/scalability) (see paper, GitHub issue #6).
  • Add LLVM LNT and GCC benchmarks to CK (see GitHub issue #1).
  • Add support for automatic pass selection and reordering in LLVM (see GitHub issue #5).
  • Add OpenCL benchmarks to collaborative optimization using mobile phones (see GitHub issue #2).
  • Add numerical stability test crowdsourced across many different machines (see CK-based GEMM bench).

Improve statistical analysis of experimental results

  • Improve Pareto frontier detection with a fixed minimal set of equally distributed points (see GitHub issue #4).
  • Improve statistical analysis of experimental results and speedups (improvements) in math.variation module (see GitHub issue #1).

Enable self-tuning computer systems using collective knowledge

  • Add interactive compilation interface to LLVM to be able to tune/predict fine-grain optimization decisions (see IJPP'11, GitHub issue #6)
  • Add function cloning to LLVM (see paper)
  • Add run-time adaptation with function cloning based on collected optimization statistics and decision trees (see HiPEAC'05 and CPC'15)

Improve CK usability

  • Add universal graph visualization via web similar to Collective Mind but with Ajax and JavaScript (see GitHub issue #6).
  • Improve experiment table visualization and customization via web using Ajax and JavaScript (see GitHub issue #5).
  • Enable reproducibility of experimental workflows for Artifact Evaluation by pulling all dependent Git repos with a revision number (see GitHub issue #11).
  • Add support for MediaWiki/Drupal for interactive articles (see GitHub issue #1)
  • /done/ Re-design package manager and add automatic detection of installed tools and libs with their versions (see GitHub issue #1)

Adding new realistic workloads and tools

  • Add various implementations of popular algorithms implemented using OpenCL, CUDA, OpenMP, MPI, etc together with realistic data sets in CK-format while exposing tuning parameters and measured characteristics. We plan to add and crowd-tune various implementations of Deep Neural Network algorithms, vision applications (such as SLAM and HOG), BLAS, etc. See following shared algorithms in CK format: CK-based GEMM, SLAM, HOG, misc kernels, misc data sets.


  • Add DOI support to index all research artifacts shared in CK format (see GitHub issue #47).
  • /mostly done/ Add/improve CK internal testing (see GitHub issue #4).
  • /mostly done/ Add CK to Debian (see GitHub issue #20).

Questions and comments

You are welcome to get in touch with the CK community if you have questions or comments!

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