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Module "soft" from package "ck-env"

Provides abstraction to setup up environment for various tools and their versions. Package can be obtained using

 ck add repo:ck-env --shared --quiet

Action "setup"

 ck setup soft(:soft_uoa) (host_os=...) (target_os=...)

Interactively sets up environment for a given software on a host platform and possibly for a target platform. It is possible to see available software descriptions using

 ck list soft

By default, soft modules detects host OS and uses the same as target OS. It is possible to change that and retarget soft to another platform (useful for compilers and libraries). It is possible to see available OSes using:

 ck list os

Currently available OS:

  • android-32, android-64
  • linux-32, linux-64
  • macos-32, macos-64
  • mingw-32, mingw-64
  • windows-32, windows-64
For example, setting up GCC for Android can be done as follows:
 ck setup soft:compiler.gcc target_os=android-32

Available options (add --option=XYZ to command line or to dictionary if calling from other CK modules):

              (host_os)           - host OS (detect, if omitted)
              (target_os)         - target OS (detect, if omitted)
              (target_device_id)  - target device ID (detect, if omitted)
              (data_uoa) or (uoa) - soft configuration UOA
              (tags)              - search UOA by tags (separated by comma)
              (soft_name)         - use this user friendly name for environment entry
              (customize)         - dict with custom parameters 
                                    (usually passed to customize script)
                                    skip_path - skipping installation path (for local versions)
                                    version      - add this version
                                    skip_version - if 'yes', do not add version
              (skip_path)         - skipping installation path (for local versions)
              (env)               - update default env with this dict
              (deps)              - list with dependencies (in special format, possibly resolved (from package))
              (install_path)      - path with soft is installed
              (bat_file)          - if !='', record environment to this bat file, 
                                    instead of creating env entry
              (quiet)             - if 'yes', minimize questions
              (env_data_uoa)      - use this data UOA to record (new) env
              (env_repo_uoa)      - use this repo to record new env
              (env_new)           - if 'yes', do not search for environment (was already done in package, for example)
              (package_uoa)       - if called from package, record package_uoa just in case
              (reset_env)         - if 'yes', do not use environment from existing entry, but use original one

A new env entry will be created inside a local CK repository, providing path and setup up for various environment variables for a given soft as well as host and target OS. It is possible to see available environments inside CK using:

 ck show env (host_os=...) (target_os=...)
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