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NOTE: it is not yet supported in Collective Knowledge - 
      you can help convert it to the latest GCC (5.x,6.x,7.x,etc)
      or LLVM.
Alchemist plugin is used to convert any compiler into interactive research environment
to support various Collective Mind research ideas particularly for
collaborative program/architecture auto-tuning, run-time adaptation, machine learning 
and crowdsourcing for multiple objectives including performance, code size, compilation 
time, power consumptions and other characteristics:

* extraction and subtitution of passes
* extraction of code structure (patterns)
* reactions to code modifications (possibly semantically non-equivalent)

Developer(s): Grigori Fursin, INRIA, France
              Abdul Wahid Memon, UVSQ, France

License: GPLv3

More info: http://c-mind.org

 This plugin should be compiled WITHOUT ANY -O optimization 
 otherwise the behavior is unpredictable.