Create a simple Landing Page that never has to be maintained. All infmation is automatically loaded from Google+ including your name, picture, and bio.
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My Landing page

Simple landing page for my website.

This requires you to have a Google+ account.

First you need to get a Google+ API Key.

To access the API you need an API key, you can sign up for one here

Visit that page and click on "API Access" on the left side. Then click on "Services" on the left side and select "Google+ API"

Your Google+ user id, en example is 111120527868392930329 You can find this by looking at your profile URL, for example mine is

Edit the fields in index.php, it is well documented.

To change the URLS of your page links such as Facebook, Twitter, etc all you have to do is edit the /js/main.js file and change the URL in the "services_array"