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This repo is unmaintained, visit for the latest version.


Web Interface for Hashcat by Context Information Security



CrackerJack is a Web GUI for Hashcat developed in Python.


This project aims to keep the GUI and Hashcat independent. In a nutshell, here's how it works:

  • User uploads hashes, selects wordlist/rules/mask etc, and clicks "start".
  • Web server spawns a new screen.
    • Generates the hashcat command based on the settings.
    • Runs the command in the screen.
    • Monitors the screen's output, parses it, and displays in the GUI.

This allows CrackerJack to be future-proof as it ties to the input/output of Hashcat. Also, if the GUI is not working for whatever reason, hashcat will keep running.


  • Minimal dependencies
  • Complete hashcat session management.
    • Start/stop/pause/restore running sessions.
    • Terminate cracking jobs after a specific date/time.
  • Web interface for mask generation (?a?l?u).
  • Web Push notifications when a password is cracked.
  • Swagger 2.0 API.
  • Create wordlists from already cracked passwords and feed back into the cracking session.
  • Session history to track which attacks you have already performed.
  • Multi-user support (local and/or LDAP).
  • Wordlist/Mask/Rule support.
  • Multiple theme support (Bootswatch).
  • Straight-forward setup.
    • Entire configuration is via the GUI. No need for manually editing config files.
    • Run locally on Linux and Windows (WSL).
    • Install on a server using ansible scripts (Ubuntu 14/16/18 and CentOS 7/8).
    • Easy backups - all user data are in the ./data directory.
  • Troubleshoot sessions via SSH.


  • Not a solution for queueing jobs - it's only for on-demand password cracking.
  • Not meant to be a replacement for command-line usage. It's complimentary and only supports basic and most common cracking tasks.
  • Will not install any GPU drivers. The main assumption is that you have a cracking rig already setup and are looking for a Web GUI.
  • Wordlists and rules should already be present on the system.


As we maintain an internal tracker as well, before contributing please create an issue to discuss before implementing any features/changes.


Running Session



Selecting Hashes

HashType Options

Wordlist Selection

Mask Generation

General Session Settings


CrackerJack is released under MIT License.

In addition, the following third-party components are also used: