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RETIRED - Tyro will not be maintained further. Tyro is a simple wrapper around the Sierra API. It adds a /new endpoint for new items, makes finding an item status super easy, and makes authentication much easier to manage.
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Tyro: A Sierra API Wrapper

Ty·ro: noun, a beginner or novice.

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Tyro is a standalone executable, written in Go. It should compile in Go 1.3.3 and higher. A web server like Nginx or Apache is not required to use it, but in a production environment serving behind nginx with a reverse cache is recommended.

./tyro -key=yourclientkey -secret=yourclientsecret -url=yourapiurl

Tyro requires the following command line options:

-key= : a client key obtained from your Sierra API, doc here:
-secret= : a client secret created for the client key
-url= : the url for the Sierra API. (For example, the sandbox is

These options are optional:

-address= : The address to serve on, passed to ListenAndServe, doc here: Defaults to ":8877". 
-raw : If supplied, this flag will turn on access to the raw Sierra API under /raw/. 
-acaoheader= : The origin to place in the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header.
               Defaults to *. Is only used for the /status/bib/[bibID] and /status/item/[itemID] endpoints. 
               Multiple origins can be supplied, delimit with the ; character. 
-certfile= : The location of the Certificate file, for HTTPS.
-keyfile= : The location of the Private Key file, for HTTPS.
-logfile= : Log file. By default, log messages will be printed to stout.
-logmaxage= : The maximum number of days to retain old log files, in days.
-logmaxbackups= : The maximum number of old log files to keep.
-logmaxsize= : The maximum size of log files before they are rotated, in megabytes.
-loglevel= : The log level. One of error, warn, info, debug, or trace. 
-newlimit= : The number of items to return at the /new endpoint

These flags can also be supplied by environment variables:


This Twelve-Factor style should make it easy to daemonize or Docker-ize this app. The TYRO_RAW environment variable, if set, should be True or False. Log rolling is provided by lumberjack.


Tyro provides the following URLs (endpoints?, routes?)

/ : Home page, HTML
/status/bib/[bibID] : Status JSON, returns a JSON doc like:
      Entries: [
          CallNumber: " JC578.R383 G67 2007",
          Status: "IN LIBRARY",
          Location: "Floor 4 Books"
/status/item/[itemID] : Status JSON, returns a JSON doc like: 
        CallNumber: " JC578.R383 G67 2007",
        Status: "IN LIBRARY",
        Location: "Floor 4 Books"
/new : A list of new bib records, returns a JSON doc like:
           BidID: 7777777,
           TitleAndAuthor: "A Title /An Author.",
           ISBNs: [
           CreatedDate: "2015-01-22T08:00:00Z"

This extra endpoint will be provided if -raw is passed as a flag or the TYRO_RAW environment variable is set to True.

/raw : A thin wrapper around the Sierra API. Tyro will take care of the bearer tokens and X-Forwarded-For header. 

The /status/bib/[bibID], /status/item/[itemID] and /new endpoints are the only ones that will respect the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header. If the 'raw' setting is turned on, requests sent to /raw/ will receive whatever the Sierra API would return if the client had authenticated itself.

This software is now in beta. Please create issues for bugs or feature requests.


Joe Montibello,

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