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This repository contains the cuStinger data structure used for dynamic graph representation.
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cuSTINGER is no longer supported. Please visit Hornet for an improved dynamic graph data structure (

The following includes instructions on how to clone and build this repo. It is important that you clone the repo with all its dependencies using the recursive option:

git clone --recursive

To build the repo, proceed to cd in the clone directory and proceed as follows:

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
make -j8

At this point cuSTINGER is ready for use. Currently, cuSTINGER has a single demo that can be executed:

./cuMain inputgraph graph-name

For example (assuming your graphs are stored in the directory ~/dimacs:

./cuMain ~/dimacs/astro-ph.graph astro-ph

cuSTINGER can currently read the following graph types:

Additional information on cuSTINGER can be found in the HPEC'16 conference paper.

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