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CUBA Migration Tool

This tutorial provides a step by step guide, explaining how you can migrate your legacy application to CUBA Platform with minimum efforts.

We will use CUBA Studio - a specialized rapid application development tool for CUBA applications. Its built-in migration tool utilizes the well known reverse engineering approach. During the migration, meta-information extracted from the legacy application database will be used to complete the following steps automatically:

  1. Generate a data model, mapped to the legacy DB
  2. Update the database to match the CUBA Platform requirements
  3. Generate standard CRUD UI

As the result, most routine operations will be handled by CUBA Studio. However, business logic along with specific screens design will be transferred to the new application manually.

If you are interested only in the resulting application, scroll down to the How to Launch the Application without MSSQL section.


  1. Legacy Application Overview
  2. CUBA Application
  3. Step 1. Environment Installation and Database Setup
  4. Step 2. CUBA Project Setup
  5. Step 3. Migration Tool - Data Model and CRUD UI Generation
  6. Step 4. The first Launch
  7. Further Development
  8. How-to-Launch-the-Application-without-MSSQL
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