Adding avatars to system users
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User Avatars

This is a showcase CUBA application that demonstrates how to add pictures to system users.

  • The UserExt entity extends the User entity defined in the platform. We have added the image attribute which is a reference to the FileDescriptor entity. So user avatars will be stored in FileStorage.
  • The Task entity is a sample domain entity which has the link to a user.
  • The user-browse.xml screen extends the browser screen defined in the platform. We have added the image column which displays the user picture by means of the Embedded component created in the UserExtBrowser controller class.
  • The user-edit.xml extended editor screen defines the components for uploading and displaying a user picture.
  • The task-browse.xml screen displays linked users with pictures. See the TaskBrowse controller class for details.

To see the example in action, do the following:

  • Open the project in Studio
  • Click Run > Start application server
  • If you see the warning Database does not exist ..., click Create DB in background
  • Go to http://localhost:8080/app and log in as admin / admin
  • Open Administration > Users, edit or create a user and set a picture for it.
  • Open Application > Tasks, create a task and select an assignee for it from the list of users.

Based on CUBA Platform 6.3.5