Example of working with Spring Data JPA repositories
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Spring Data JPA Usage

This component adds Spring Data JPA repositories to CUBA platform. This is an experimental feature.

Before usage, install it to the local repository:

  • Create database and build the artifact gradlew startDb createDb build - you need database for tests.
  • Install artifact to a local repository gradlew publishToMavenLocal

Add the module to build file as an additional component in your build.gradle:

dependencies {

See blog post about using this component in more details.


  • There might be some issues if you use entity names that may clash with SQL reserved words: order, like, select, etc.
  • Custom queries has limited abilities, we do not match method parameter names and custom query parameter names.
  • If you want to specify like clause with wildcards and parameters in query annotation, please use concat function and named parameters like in the example: select ... where ... like concat('?', :name, '%')