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Awesome list of Cuban opensource projects. Just to know what is being openly developed in Cuba...
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Cuban Open Source Projects

Guide to publish in the list

Cuban Open Source Projects

Awesome list of Cuban open source projects. Just to know what is being openly developed in Cuba...

Android Apps

  • BacheSMS: Send SMS from Nauta Email.
  • BankDroid: Transfermovil messages' cool interpreter.
  • daxSmail: Email client based on k9mail with some changes to simplify configuring Nauta email accounts.
  • Es WIFI_ETECSA?: Checks for security vulnerabilities while connecting to WIFI_ETECSA.
  • Escala Geriátrica: "Escala Geriátrica de Evaluación Funcional Global" is an instrument used in Cuba to evaluate elder people autonomy. This is an Android implementation.
  • FotoRecarga: Easily reload credit from ETECSA coupons using the camera on your smartphone.
  • MetroTrans: Transaction viewer for Transfermovil Cuban app.
  • NautaClear: Simple app to clean Nauta email account.
  • PorLaLivreApp: Android app to check listings in while offline.
  • ShakeItOff: Turn off your Android phone screen by shaking it.
  • UCIntlm: ntlm proxy (no root required) for Android.


Arduino & Pic related


  • Si5351: an alternative library for the Si5351 etherkit official one, very small and with more clean signals.
  • FT-857D CAT control: a library that allows you to simulate a Yaesu Radio FT-857D with your arduino, very usefull for ham radio projects.
  • Yatuli: Yet another tune lib, you don't have a rotary encoder for a project? no problem use a linear potentiometer fot that.
  • Bmux: you need a few buttons in your project but you run out of pins? no problem put up to 8 buttons in just one analog pin; with click and hold feature in the correct way.
  • stepperUnipolar: A non-blocking stepper Library to control unipolar Motors, with some tricks under the hood (power saving!)


  • amake you loves arduino but hate the Arduino IDE, no problem you can use your preffered editor and use amake under the hood to compile and upload the code. (Linux only)
  • carrito & carrito-control a cuban hombrewed small car project from scrap parts.
  • arduino-arcs Amateur Radio Control Solution, a complete solution for a front panel to modernize old or homebrew hamradio equipment.
  • Multi Porobe SWR meter a inteligent meter for SWR and POWER readings for ham radio transmitters, also has a automatic mode to control ICOM antenna tuners.

Open Scientific Research

Machine Learning / Deep Learning Models

  • DeepVertebralLabeling: Deep learning model for spine vertebral labeling on Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
  • LVNet: Deep learning model for heart left ventricle segmentation on Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Scientific software

  • BacillusMarker: BacillusMarker is an application to easy mark bacillus of tuberculosis.
  • ParasiteMarker: ParasiteMarker is an application to easy mark Malaria parasites.

Other Scientific Open Source Projects

  • ECG BaseLine Wander Removal Methods: This repository contains 9 methods for Base Line Wander removal on Electrocardiogram signals. It also contains 3 similarity metrics that are applied to signals.


  • FreeLibrary: Digital library where users can upload personal and third-party books.
  • q-guide: Q-Guide is a frontend to the ETECSA numbers database.

Competitive Programming

  • TeamReference: Team reference for Competitive Programming. Algorithms implementations very used in the ACM-ICPC contests. Good Latex template to develop your own team reference.


  • GluePHP: Single page applications development framwork using the event driven development paradigm.
  • mailProc: Mail based services microframework.


  • Kindle Python PyQtEnv: Python2.7 + PyQt4 environment setup for Kindle touch and PaperWhite Amazon jail broken devices.
  • Kindle PyQT Apps: Python2.7 + PyQt4 new and ported apps to Amazon Kindle devices.

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)

  • Phaser Editor 2D: Fully visual HTML5 2D game development tool (website). Games are based on the Phaser framework.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Monitoring & Observability


  • Videomorph: GUI wrapper for ffmpeg.
  • LazView: imagen viewer written in Free Pascal and Lazarus
  • MystiQ: Qt5/C++ FFmpeg Media Converter.

Repository management

  • Sheldon: Tool to help donwload repositories for Debian/GNU Linux based distros using apt-mirror.
  • Tinp: tinP is not PSC. Debian based customized repository creator. Core and CLI.



  • AWGG: advanced Wget GUI.
  • DeVil: Python library to create daemon apps for GNU/Linux systems.
  • Extend2VNC: Extend2VNC can extend the screen of your Linux computer wirelessly using a virtual video interface and vncserver.
  • jNauta: incomplete library to manipulate Nauta emails accounts and authenticate in Nauta network.
  • Multicp: Copy files to multiple destinations faster.
  • nauta-cli: command line utility to manage Nauta captive portal.
  • nauta-cli: fork on the previous.
  • Nauta.Net: Windows desktop app to authenticate in Nauta network.
  • simple-backup: a simple way to backup a directory using the storage server with Amazon S3 compatible API like (Minio, Spaces)
  • VintageReader: console ePub reader



  • DockerImageSave Saves docker images on a remote host and allows you to download them to circumvent Docker censorship on Cuba

Web Development




  • TypeScriptTools: tools to aid frontend development with TypeScript and jQuery.


  • Raptor.js: Full Stack Web Framework for Node.js, is part of a branch maintained by Raptor Project a cuban opensource iniciative. This framework use express like core http handler, implement a based component architecture with several default components dedicated to Security (Access control, biometric protection) and more. You must download the raptor-cli tool from the NPM raptor-cli to create and run your project.



  • django-ajax: Django library for AJAX operations.
  • django-js-choices: JavaScript model's fields choices handling for Django.
  • django-partial-date: Django custom model field for partial dates with the form YYYY, YYYY-MM, YYYY-MM-DD.
  • django-pgschemas: Django multi-tenancy using PostgreSQL schemas.
  • django-reactor: Django implementation of Phoenix LiveView.
  • Spia: Simple Python internationalization API.
  • web2py-media-gallery: Global media gallery plugin for web2py
  • web2py-no-captcha-security: No-Captcha security plugin for the web2py framework to enable bot protection using no-captcha techniques.
  • web2py-simple-seo: Simple SEO metadata plugin for web2py including Open Graph and Twitter Cards.
  • web2py-thumbnails: Thumbnails plugin for the web2py framework.
  • web2py-typeahead: typeahead.js autocompletion widget for web2py framework.
  • quotation_followup: Odoo (Formerly OpenERP) module to follow up quotations by mail.
  • HTTP2COM: Windows Service that makes bi-directional proxy between HTTP and Serial Port. Can be used for web apps to access the local hardware from the brwser.


  • kings-landing: A modern, simple and customizable landing page dedicated to early customer acquisition for frugal entrepreneurs. Think it as an open-source alternative to LaunchRock without spending 5 bucks monthly.
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