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.. _tutorials/install:
Quick install guide
Cubane is easy to install for most Unix/Linux based platforms including Mac OS.
Windows is currently not supported.
Cubane requires the following main components:
- Python 2.7
- Django 1.11
.. seealso::
Please also compare the Python requirements for different Django_ versions.
.. _django:
Install Python
Cubane is written in the Python programming language; therefore we need to make
sure that we have python up and running first.
Get the latest version of Python 2.7+ at or
with your operating system's package manager.
Cubane is currently supporting the latest version of python 2.7+. At the time
of writing, this is 2.7.12 for example.
Verifying Python
You can verify that Python is installed by typing ``python`` from your shell;
you should see something like:
.. parsed-literal::
Python 2.7.x
[GCC 4.x on linux
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
Installing Cubane
After installing Python, you can easily install cubane via pip by typing:
.. code-block:: console
$ pip install Cubane
Verifying Cubane
To verify that Cubane is available, type ``python`` from your shell. At the
Python prompt, try to import Cubane:
.. parsed-literal::
>>> import cubane
>>> cubane.VERSION
What's Next
You've installed Python and Cubane successfully. You can now :ref:`create your
first Cubane project <tutorials/create_project>`.