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Cubeacon SDK for Android


Cubeacon SDK for Android is a library to allow interaction with any beacons. The SDK system requirements are Android 4.3 or above and Bluetooth Low Energy.

Cubeacon SDK allows for:

  • Beacon ranging (scans beacons and optionally filters them by their properties).
  • Beacon monitoring (monitors regions for those devices that have entered/exited a region).

Learn more at:


  1. Download cubeacon-x.y.z.aar from Github release page.

  2. Then copy it to your libs directory.

  3. On your build.gradle within app module, add this lines below before dependencies tag

        flatDir {
            dirs 'libs'

    Then add compile 'com.eyro.cubeacon:cubeacon:x.y.z@aar' into your dependecies.

  4. Create custom application class and add the following code to the onCreate() method to initialize the Cubeacon SDK.


    Don't forget to add your custom application class into AndroidManifest.xml

    (Optional) You can add some custom setup :

    • Enable Cubeacon SDK debug logging when in development mode by calling Logger.setLogLevel(LogLevel) before initialize SDK.
    • You can choose LogLevel from : NONE, ASSERT, DEBUG, ERROR, INFO, WARN, or VERBOSE.

Basic Usage

  1. Ranging for beacons
  2. Monitoring beacon
  3. Bootstrap Region Monitoring
  4. Show notification


Read about detailed changelog here