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Cubeacon SDK for iOS


Cubeacon SDK for iOS is a library to allow interaction with any iBeacons. The SDK system requirements are iOS 8 or above and Bluetooth Low Energy.

Cubeacon SDK allows for:

  • Beacon ranging (scans beacons and optionally filters them by their properties).
  • Beacon monitoring (monitors regions for those devices that have entered/exited a region).

Learn more at:


  1. Download Cubeacon.framework from release page.

  2. Then drag it into the Frameworks section in your XCode project.

  3. Ensure the following frameworks and a library exist in your project :

    • CoreLocation.framework
    • CoreBluetooth.framework
  4. Import Cubeacon SDK using #import <Cubeacon/Cubeacon.h>

  5. Add the following code to initialize Cubeacon SDK in AppDelegate application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method :

    [Cubeacon initialize];

    Optional: You can add some custom setup :

    • Enable Cubeacon SDK debug logging when in development mode by calling Cubeacon.+setLogLevel: before initialize SDK.
    • You can choose CBLogLevel from :
      • CBLogLevelNone
      • CBLogLevelError
      • CBLogLevelWarning
      • CBLogLevelInfo
      • CBLogLevelDebug
  6. Open your project settings and go to the Capabilities tab. Enable these modes :

    • Location updates
    • Uses Bluetooth LE accessories
    • Background fetch
  7. Add this two lines into info.plist file :

Key Type Value
NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription String $(PRODUCT_NAME) use location service to scan nearby beacons
NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription String $(PRODUCT_NAME) use location service to scan nearby beacons in foreground
NSBluetoothPeripheralUsageDescription String $(PRODUCT_NAME) use bluetooth to scan nearby beacons

Optional: You can change the value to match your needs. The values are containing the message to be displayed to the user at the prompt.

Basic Usage

  1. Ranging for beacons
  2. Monitoring beacon
  3. Show notification

Upload to App Store

Having trouble uploading to App Store? Try any of these step :

  1. Stripping Unwanted Architectures From Dynamic Libraries In Xcode from Daniel Kennet
  2. Replacing Cubeacon.framework for Released only binary. Download here.


Read about detailed changelog here