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Configuring FTP in AMP

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As of version - AMP includes an integrated FTP server. It's not enabled by default. When enabled you will be able to connect with standard FTP clients such as Filezilla using your AMP login details.

Note that like the file manager, there's no fine-grain permissions yet - so users have full access to the instances files when using this. The FTP gives the exact same level of access as the in-browser file manager.

Basic Setup

To enable it, stop the instance you want to be able to connect to, and edit your FileManager.kvp file.

Add the following line:


You can also change the IP/port binding by adding:


Linux Users: Linux requires root access for ports below 1024

Securing via TLS

Note that TLS for FTP is mandatory with AMP Enterprise Edition.


AMP requires a certificate in PFX format with a passphrase. You can use ampinstmgr convertcertificate to convert a standard .cert + .key file pair into a PFX on Linux systems. If you're running on Linux and use letsencrypt you can convert your existing keypair and use this with FTP.

Once you've obtained a PFX certificate, you should add the following lines to your FileManager.kvp



Install the certificate to your system into the local machine store, and then view the certificate to get its serial number. Once you've done this add the following lines to your FileManager.kvp file.

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