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Dynamically generated and updated skill goal signatures for RuneScape players
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Build Status

Dynamically generated and updated skill goal signatures for RuneScape players.

Building the Docker image

docker build -t go-sig .

Running locally

You can easily run go-sig locally with Docker compose, you just have to make your own copy of docker-compose.yml from the provided template file and then use the following commands.

# Run
docker-compose up

# Destroy
docker-compose down

Environment variables

Name Action Default
IMG_PATH Path to the directory where you want to store the generated images images/
PROCS Number of operating system threads you want to give for go-sig runtime.NumCPU()
DISABLE_LOGGING Use true or 1 to disable output from log false
ENABLE_DEBUG Use true or 1 to map routes to pprof urls false
AES_KEY The key used to encrypt and decrypt hidden usernames in signature urls ""
VIRTUAL_HOST The url displayed on generated signature result page
SECURE Use true for https and false for http to be used in links true
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