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Flappy Cow


Flappy Cow is an Android game in "Flappy Bird" Style. Since Nguyen Ha Dong, the developer of "Flappy Bird", anounced the end of his loved but also hated game I uploaded this Open Source game, so you have an alternative to fulfill your addiction.

Initially called Flappy Cow, it has now(v.1.83) been renamed to FlutterCow because of Googles policy on the word Flappy in app names

Make sure to check out Space Cowboy too!


Sceenshot Flappy Cow Sceenshot Flappy Cow

Google Play Store

Get it on Google Play

How-to play

  • Tap screen to increase altitude
  • Tap ad to increase money

How-to use the code


  • INTERNET, for ads
  • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, for avoiding sending ad requests if there's no internet connection


  • MIT, see LICENSE file
  • Nyan Cat was drawn by Christopher Torres and もももも remixed the music by daniwell


  • 3.0