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This is a long-term plugin that aims to port Essentials to Cuberite
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This plugin aims to port commands from Bukkit's Essentials to Cuberite, but also to implement new commands. It provides non-vanilla commands that do not exist in Core.

Warp Sign Template


Command Sign Template

/tell player
hello <-- Notice the space before "hello" (alternatively at end of "/tell player")

Enchant Sign Template



To create a portal, place a sign underneath a block with the following template:


When walking on top of the block, you will get teleported to the specified warp.



Command Permission Description
/antioch es.antioch Spawns a TNT at the position you're looking at
/back es.back Returns you to your previous position
/biome es.biome Tells you the biome in which you are
/broadcast es.broadcast Broadcasts a message to all players
/burn es.burn Sets a player on fire
/delhome es.delhome Removes your home
/deljail es.deljail Removes a jail
/delwarp es.dropwarp Removes a warp
/depth es.depth Displays your height relative to sea level
/ext es.ext Extinguishes a player
/feed es.feed Satisfies the hunger
/fireball es.fireball Shoots a fireball
/fly Enables or disables flying
/god es.god Makes you immortal
/hat es.hat Use your equipped item as a helmet
/heal es.heal Heals a player
/home es.home Teleports you home
/itemdb es.itemdb Displays the item information of an item you are holding
/jail es.jail Jails a player
/jails es.listjail Lists all available jails
/lightning es.lightning Spawns lightning near a player
/locate es.locate Displays your current coordinates
/more es.more Increases the item amount in the held stack to 64 items
/mute es.mute Mutes a player
/near es.near Displays a list of nearby players
/nuke es.nuke Spawns a nuke above players
/ping Displays a message if the server is alive
/place Teleports a player where you are looking
/powertool es.powertool Binds a command to the item you are holding
/repair Repairs the item you are holding
/sethome es.sethome Sets your home
/setjail es.setjail Creates a jail at your location
/setwarp es.setwarp Creates a warp at your location
/shout es.shout Displays a chat message in a range of 128 blocks
/skull es.skull Allows you to change the skin of a skull
/socialspy es.socialspy Displays other players' private messages
/spawnmob es.spawnmob Spawns a mob
/speed es.speed Changes a player's moving speed
/speed fly es.flyspeed Changes a player's flying speed
/speed walk es.walkspeed Changes a player's walk speed
/speed run es.runspeed Changes a player's running speed
/top Teleports you to the highest block
/tpa es.tpa Requests teleportation to a player
/tpaccept es.tpa Accepts teleportation request
/tpahere es.tpa Requests teleportation of another player to you
/tpdeny es.tpa Denies teleportation request
/tphere Teleports a player to you
/tps es.tps Returns the tps (ticks per second) from the server
/unjail es.unjail Unjails a player
/unmute es.unmute Unmutes a player
/vanish es.vanish Enables or disables player visibility
/warp es.warp Moves player to location of a warp
/warps es.listwarp Lists all warps
/whisper es.whisper Displays a chat message in a range of 16 blocks
/whois es.whois Displays information about the specified player
/xp es.xp Manage XP for a player
/xp give es.xp.give Gives XP to a player
/xp set es.xp.set Sets current XP of a player
/xp show Shows XP of a player


Permissions Description Commands Recommended groups
es.antioch /antioch
es.back /back
es.biome /biome
es.biome.other Shows you in which biome another player is admins, mods
es.broadcast /broadcast
es.burn /burn
es.commandsign Allows a player to create signs which execute commands admins, mods
es.createportal Allows a player to create a portal admins, mods
es.delhome /delhome
es.deljail /deljail
es.depth /depth
es.dropwarp /delwarp
es.enchantsign Allows a player to create Enchant Signs admins, mods
es.ext /ext
es.feed /feed
es.feed.other Satisfies the hunger of another player admins, mods
es.fireball /fireball /fly Enables or disables flying for another player admins, mods
es.god /god
es.hat /hat
es.heal /heal
es.heal.other Heals another player admins, mods
es.home /home
es.home.unlimited Allows a player to have an unlimited amount of homes mods, players
es.itemdb /itemdb
es.jail /jail
es.lightning /lightning
es.listjail /jails
es.listwarp /warps
es.locate /locate
es.locate.other Displays the position of another player admins, mods
es.more /more
es.more.other Increases the item amount in another player's held stack to 64 items admins, mods
es.mute /mute
es.near /near
es.nuke /nuke /ping /place
es.powertool /powertool /repair
es.sethome /sethome
es.setjail /setjail
es.setwarp /setwarp
es.shout /shout
es.skull /skull
es.socialspy /socialspy
es.spawnmob /spawnmob
es.spawnmob.other Spawns a mob near another player admins, mods
es.speed /speed /top /tphere
es.tpa /tpdeny, /tpa, /tpaccept, /tpahere
es.tps /tps
es.unjail /unjail
es.unmute /unmute
es.vanish /vanish
es.vanish.other Enables or disables visibility for another player admins, mods
es.warp /warp
es.warpsign Allows a player to create Warp Signs. admins, mods
es.whisper /whisper
es.whois /whois
es.xp /xp
es.xp.give /xp give
es.xp.set /xp set /xp show
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