Making Rotten Flesh useful in Spigot/Bukkit.
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Making Rotten Flesh useful in Spigot/Bukkit/MC.

This is a very simple plugin for Bukkit. Others have done it, but have lagged a bit behind bukkit updates.

It adds:

  • rotten flesh in a configurable pattern on a crafting table will make 1 leather. Default is 4 Rotten in a 2x2 pattern.
  • Rotten Flesh is also now cookable in a furnace to make leather.


  • The permission UsedRotten.Crafting allows people to craft flesh to leather.
  • Working on a furnace permission, but none yet.


The configuration file allows turning Crafting and Smelting of Rotten on or off. Additionally, it allows you to pick how many Rotten are used for crafting. The Crafting options are:

  • 1: A single Rotten on a will give Leather:

  • 2: Two Rotten horizontally will give Leather:

  • 4: Four Rotten in a 2x2 shape will give Leather:

  • 6: Six Rotten in a 3x2 shape will give Leather:

  • 9: Nine Rotten in a 3x3 shape will give Leather:

Source Code:


  • Download the jar file (from Files section) and place in server plugins directory.
  • Set config file options to turn crafting and smelting on or off
  • Add permission for crafting if desired.

Developed against CraftBukkit 1.12.1


0.5 - Updated to CraftBukkit 1.12.1

0.4 - Updating plugin.yml to properly reflect new package name an update CraftBukkit to 1.7.9-R0.2

0.3 - Bug fix for crafting multiple items at once, code cleanup and package name change to remove bukkit from the name. Big thanks to TfT-02 for the help!

0.2 - Adds config file, multiple crafting shapes and ability to enable crafting or smelting at a global level.

0.11 - Just removes left over debug lines.

0.1 - Initial release

Known Issues:

  • none

To do(maybe):

  • Add furnace permissions
  • See if I can get a furnace to consume more than 1 flesh per leather created.
  • Allow configuration of output for both using a furnace or a Crafting Table


  • Using THDigi / RecipeUtil for recipe compares.
  • TfT-02 for lending his skills!