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Anyone is free to copy, modify, use, compile, sell or distribute the original code, documents
and information (the information), either in source code form or as a compiled binary, for any purpose, commercial
or non-commercial, and by any means, with the exception that you may not reproduce or publish the information
on any web site, online service or printed media without prior express permission.

Where the information is copied, modified, used, compiled, sold or distributed, credit to the original author or
authors must be left intact in the code or document.

All of the deliverable code in has been written from scratch. No code has been taken from other
projects or from the open internet. Every line of code can be traced back to its original author. So the code base is clean and is uncontaminated with licensed code from other projects.

All new contributors to the code base are asked to dedicate their contributions under the terms of If you want to send a patch or enhancement for possible inclusion in the, please
note that you are implicitly agreeing to give ownership to and its stated copyright rules as laid
out above.

All of the code, documents and information in are to be deemed without warranty.

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