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This is the process used to copy data from a source cube to a different target cube.

Use Case: Mainly used in production environments.

  1. This process could be used to populate a Reporting cube.
  2. The process could be used to archive data from one cube to another one for any use.


  • The target cube may have a different number of dimensions as the source cube.
  • Where the target and source cubes share the same dimensions, the process will match the dimensions even if their position in the cube is different.
  • An input element must be specified for each dimension which is in the target but not in the source using the parameter pMappingToNewDims.
  • The format of parameter pMappingToNewDims using default delimiters & and : is DimInTargetButNotSource1:ElementOfDim & DimInTargetButNotSource2:ElementOfDim.
  • The input element must be an N level unless pSuppressConsol is set to 0.
  • The maximum number of dimensions catered for in the target cube is 27. (In principle adding support for cubes with higher dimensionality is not difficult).
    For dimensions in the source but not the target, the process will accumulate the values of all n level elements (or all n level elements specified by the pFilter parameter).
    The pFilter parameter contains the dimensions and elements to be used for filtering the source cube.
    The format of the pFilter parameter is as follows, using default delimiters & + : Dim1: Elem1 + Elem2 & Dim2: Elem3 + Elem4.
    The dimension parameters do not need to be given in the index order of dimensions in the cube.
    The dimension name is specified as the first member of the delimited string of elements.
    If consolidations are skipped the N level children of any consolidated filter elements will be used.
    Spaces are ignored so use them to make your filter more readable.
    If using the pFilterParallel parameter the single dimension used as the "parallelization slicer" cannot appear in the pFilter parameters.
    When using parallelization via the RunProcess function the elements listed in pFilterParallel will be split one_at_a_time and passed to a recursive call of the process being added to pFilter.
    An example:
    To copy the 2011 Actual Sales data from the Sales cube to the General Ledger cube set pFilter to Year: 2011 & Version: Actual.
    Say the General Ledger cube has an Account dimension but the Sales cube doesn't and the Account for sales is 9999 (an n level element).
    Set the pMappingToNewDims parameter to Account:9999.
    This will copy all Actual 2011 Sales to Account 9999 in the General Ledger.
    If only sales for Company X are to be copied, set pFilter to Year: 2011 & Version: Actual & Company:X.
    If sales from other companies are already in the General Ledger set pZeroTarget to 0 to add Company X's data to the existing data.
    Setting pZeroTarget to 1 will clear our data in the target cube for the elements specified in the pMappingToNewDims parameter and the pFilter parameter for dimensions that are in the target.

Process Parameters

Parameter Data Type Default Prompt Text
pLogOutput Numeric 0 Optional: write parameters and action summary to server message log (Boolean True = 1)
pSrcCube String REQUIRED: Cube data is being copied from
pFilter String OPTIONAL: Filter on source cube in format Year: 2006 + 2007 & Scenario: Actual + Budget. Blank for whole cube
pFilterParallel String OPTIONAL: Parallelization Filter: Month:Q1+Q2+Q3+Q4 (Blank=run single threaded). Single dimension parallel slices. Will be added to filter single element at a time. Dimension must not be part of filter
pParallelThreads Numeric 0 Maximum number of threads to run when parallel processing is enabled ( if <2 will execute one thread, but parallel filter is still applied )
pTgtCube String REQUIRED: Name of cube to copy the values to
pMappingToNewDims String REQUIRED IF TARGET HAS DIMS NOT IN SOURCE: DimX:InputElementForDimX & DimY:InputElementForDimY (specify an N level element for each new dim)
pSuppressConsol Numeric 1 OPTIONAL: Suppress Consolidations (Skip = 1) Only use 0 for strings
pSuppressRules Numeric 1 OPTIONAL: Suppress Rules (Skip = 1)
pZeroTarget Numeric 1 OPTIONAL: Zero out Target Element PRIOR to Copy? (Boolean 1=True) Clears combination of pFilter and pMappingToNewDims
pZeroSource Numeric 0 OPTIONAL: Zero out Source Element AFTER Copy? (Boolean 1=True). If pFilter is blank the whole source cube is cleared!
pFactor Numeric 1 OPTIONAL: Multiply source value by factor (1 keeps the value as is). To modify existing values make the target element the same as the source with pZeroTarget = 0
pDimDelim String & OPTIONAL. Delimiter for start of Dimension/Element set
pEleStartDelim String ¦ OPTIONAL: Delimiter for start of element list
pEleDelim String + OPTIONAL: Delimiter between elements
pTemp Numeric 1 OPTIONAL: Delete temporary view and Subset ( 0 = Retain View and Subsets 1 = Delete View and Subsets 2 = Delete View only )
pCubeLogging Numeric 0 OPTIONAL: Cube Logging (0 = No transaction logging, 1 = Logging of transactions)
pSandbox String OPTIONAL: To use sandbox not base data enter the sandbox name (invalid name will result in process error)
pThreadMode Numeric 0 DO NOT USE: Internal parameter only, please don't use

Full Process Dependencies

Process ExecuteProcess RunProcess
} Y Y
}bedrock.cube.view.create Y N
} Y Y
}bedrock.hier.sub.create Y N
}bedrock.hier.sub.exclude Y N
}bedrock.hier.sub.create.bymdx Y N

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