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Get your own time portal on your desk!
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Get your own time portal on your desk!

Mind-blowing gadgets are rare these days. Very seldom will you stumble across something truly magical that leaves you in a state of confusion and amazement.

YouTube Video:

This project is inspired by water drop levitating installations such as shown by many museums around the world (eg. LINK TO VIDEO) and the “Slow Dance” kickstarter campaign by Jeff Lieberman.

The illusion works using a combination of a strobe light to and a fast repeating motion. Each flash of the strobe light is illuminating a slightly different position of the object that is actually moving too fast to see with the naked eye. Due to the small difference between the frequency of the motion and the strobe light, a slow motion effect is generated that suggests the object is only traveling very small distances from strobe to strobe. The frequency of the strobes is between 75 and 85 Hz and is not visible.

Link to webshop to get a complete kit:

Link to if you prefer 100% DIY:

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