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cachectl is a controller for regular file's page cache.


posix_fadvise is required.


go get -u

If you don't have go-runtime, you may download the binary from here.

Show page cache stat for file

cachectl -f /var/log/access_log

Purge page cache for file

cachectl -op purge -f /var/log/access_log

If you want to leave a cache appended recently, assigning a rate for purging page cache with -r is recommended.

cachectl -op purge -f /var/log/access_log -r 0.9


cachectld is a daemon for scheduled purging page cache. Its behavior is described by TOML.

cachectld -c conf/cachectld.toml

Configuration for cachectld

A configuration for cachectld has one or multiple targets.

name type description default note
path string target file path directory or file path
purge_interval int interval for purging page cache for file 3600 unit is second. if -1 is set, purge does not run.
filter string filtering pattern string for target file path .* regular expression with golang's regexp package
rate float rate of purging page cache for file 0.0 0.0 and 1.0 is same behavior (0.0 <= rate <= 1.0)

A example is below.

path = "/vagrant/cachectl.go"
purge_interval = 30

path = "/vagrant/cachectld.go"
purge_interval = 20

path = "/vagrant/cachectl"
purge_interval = 5
filter = "\\.go$"
rate = 0.9

Signal trigger

From v0.3.0, you can trigger with SIGUSR1 to run the targets for cachectld.

$ pkill -USR1 cachectld

When SIGUSR1 is received, cachectld runs all targets including the targets purge_interval is set -1.


Copyright 2014-2016 Tatsuhiko Kubo

Licensed under the MIT License.

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