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Barebones CMS Release Distribution

Barebones CMS pushes the limits of content management and solves many of today's problems with delivering content to the browser that were previously unsolved. Let Barebones CMS power your next website. You'll be glad you did.

Try the demo

Screenshot of the Barebones CMS administrative interface



  • API-driven architecture.
  • Uniquely immersive content editor.
  • Beautiful and elegant fully-responsive user interface for any device.
  • Extensive and flexible multilingual support.
  • A great revision system.
  • Comprehensive plugin support.
  • Never lose control of your content. Your content is yours.
  • Integrates with the /feeds extension of Cloud Storage Server for realtime time-based content change notifications (e.g. the moment content reaches publish time).
  • Has a liberal open source license. MIT or LGPL, your choice.
  • Designed for relatively painless integration into your project.
  • Sits on GitHub for all of that pull request and issue tracker goodness to easily submit changes and ideas respectively.

Getting Started

  • Release overview - High-level architecture overview of the release distribution.
  • Install Barebones CMS - Download and installation information.
  • Asset tagging - Tips and tricks for tagging assets.
  • Frontend patterns - Static page pattern, news pattern, file caching and delivery, etc.
  • Creating extentions - Content editor CSS classes, custom embed dialog templates, cache busting, etc.
  • Using the SDK - Basic content retrieval examples, create and modify content, perform bulk data retrieval, and PHP SDK class documentation.
  • Barebones CMS API - Raw API access examples for building SDKs, in-depth configuration file details, endpoints and helper class documentation, and instructions for adding functionality (e.g. integrating with a CDN).
  • Available extensions - A list of available plugins, language packs, and other extensions for Barebones CMS.

More Information


The official Barebones CMS release distribution. Accept no substitutes. MIT or LGPL.



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