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Cross-Platform CSPRNG

A PHP library that utilizes available CSPRNGs and a set of convenience functions for generating cryptographically secure random tokens, numbers, strings, and words under a MIT or LGPL license. Works under a wide variety of web hosts including Windows.



  • Works across most web hosts running PHP 5.3 and later.
  • Simple class that raises an exception if there isn't a suitable source during instantiation.
  • Generates cryptographically secure random bytes, integers, strings, and Unicode words.
  • Optional frequency distribution files precalculated for U.S. English.
  • Has a liberal open source license. MIT or LGPL, your choice.
  • Designed for relatively painless integration into your project.
  • Sits on GitHub for all of that pull request and issue tracker goodness to easily submit changes and ideas respectively.


Documentation and examples can be found in the 'docs' directory of this repository.