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cubing on GitHub

This is a space for cubing community projects outside the scope of the WCA.

You may find the following projects useful:

Website Project
Twizzle Twizzle is an app for exploring and sharing algs & solves for a wide variety of puzzles.
Icons cubing/icons provides icons for WCA events (and penalties) as well as unofficial events.
cubing.js cubing.js is a powerful library for working with algs, puzzle animation, scrambles, Bluetooth puzzles, and more.


  1. cubing.js Public

    🛠 A library for displaying and working with twisty puzzles. Also currently home to the code for Twizzle.

    TypeScript 152 31

  2. ▶️ Multi-purpose puzzle viewer – the old generation of alg/reconstruction viewing and sharing. Superseded by Twizzle.

    JavaScript 179 33

  3. timer Public

    🕚 A simple, beautiful cubing timer.

    TypeScript 26 13

  4. icons Public

    🖼 Icons for WCA events, unofficial events, and competition-related concepts.

    JavaScript 35 16


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