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This is a tool to initialize apps using cubing.js with node and npm. In an editor like VS Code, this will give you nice imports, autocompletions, and other TypeScript benefits.

See for (in-progress) documentation on cubing.js. If you think you have any issues, don't hesitate to file an issue here.

Getting started

  1. Install node (which will also install npm):
  2. Run:
npm create --yes cubing-app@latest my-cubing-project
cd my-cubing-project
npm run dev


We recommend using WSL on Windows.

Building the site for the web

npm run build

The site will be built to the dist/web folder, ready to place onto any static web server.

(Note: the output uses module scripts, which means you can't just open the output HTML files directly in the browser. You have to use a web server. If you want to test the output of npm run build locally on your computer, you can run: npx http-server ./dist/web)

Getting the latest version of cubing.js

See for information on the latest releases.

# Check what version of `cubing.js` you have
npm list cubing

# Update to the latest
npm install --save cubing@latest