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Cube Code

Useful libraries and packages for writing speedcubing related software.

I have a library to add to the list!

Awesome! Open a pull request editing adding a link to your library and a brief description of what it does.



  • icons - Set of cubing related icons


  • cubid - Cube representation
  • jChester - Time entry jQuery plugin
  • twisty.js - Puzzle visualization library
  • alg.js - Algorithm parsing library
  • jsss - Javascript Solver/Scrambler Suite (not up-to-date with the regulations)
  • scrambo - Wrapper around jsss (not up-to-date with the regulations)
  • roofpig - Puzzle visualization library
  • stackmat.js - Access stackmat data
  • simian - Heise-style cube simulator keyboard bindings helper
  • gCube - 3x3 Visualizer jQuery/HTML plugin
  • algurl - Generate URLs
  • TPS - Javascript cube timer framework
  • AnimCubeJS - Port of AnimCube Java Applet
  • which-pll - Determine which pll an alg solves


  • cubeseer - Diagram generator, but contains a cube representation
  • RaMSDeL - Random Move Scrambler Definition Language


  • ksolve+ - General purpose puzzle solver




  • scramblyzer - Tool for analyzing scrambles, contains a cube representation
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