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You will need to install the following:

Running app locally

If this is your first time running the CubingUSA website locally, follow the instructions in doc/ to set up your local development server.




This command will keep running, and watch for updates to the scss files.

Setup Cloud Datastore

We use Google Cloud Datastore, which you will need to run locally. Run the command

gcloud beta emulators datastore start

Run the app

Run the following commands in the same terminal:

Enable the virtualenv:

source env/bin/activate

Install python dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Configure the app to use the local datastore:

$(gcloud beta emulators datastore env-init)

Run the app:

gunicorn -b :8083 app.flask:app --reload

You can use the ADMIN_WCA_ID environment variable to make yourself an admin:

ADMIN_WCA_ID=2005REYN01 gunicorn -b :8083 app.flask:app --reload

Deploying to staging

Follow the instructions in doc/ to upload your changes to the staging environment.