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Hiding URL Bar Bug #150

soulrider911 opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Brady Sammons Ram Miranda Andrew Minton praneetloke Matteo Spinelli
Brady Sammons

I have been trying to triumph this issue for a long time with no resolve. So I figured I would post it here to see if in fact there is any way to solve this. Basically I would like to hide the URL bar in mobile safari as well as Android and have the I-scroll functionality still reside. However problems arise when you rotate the device to landscape and then back to portait view. What happens is you end up with a whole lot of space on the bottom of the page. Now, if I was to lock the devices to portrait mode only this problem would not be an issue. But, we need to be able to support landscape mode. I have a felling it has something to do with the way I-0scroll calculated the window height, and needs to be re-calculated upon returning to portait mode form landscape. Any hwlp on this would be awesome,i-scroll is a great product so far!

Ram Miranda

same issue here, I wonder how gmail solved this.

Andrew Minton

Same here.. looking for a solution to this as well.

Andrew Minton

This might be of use to people if they are in need of hiding the native browser bar:


Did you try calling refresh() on the iscroll instance that is responsible for that page? Listen for orientationchange event and call refresh in that. I am not sure if iscroll is already listening to that event and calling refresh() internally already.

Ram Miranda

I'm not working with iScroll with anymore but I found a solution by using the orientation callback and setting a ridiculous height amount like 9999px and then set back to the window height

on('orientationchange', function(){


What happens when you don't set the height to the "ridiculous" value and just have the setTimeout?

Ram Miranda

the problem described in the first post, I had a big fight with this issue lol.

Matteo Spinelli

this is not something that should be handled by the iscroll script itself. The solution proposed by @zordon is valid, you don't need to make the height that high though. The page height must be scroller_height + urlbar_height.

Matteo Spinelli cubiq closed this
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