iscroll5 with IE10 swallows mousedown and mouseup events #520

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ray007 commented Oct 24, 2013

our application uses the low-level touch- or mouse-events and so far everything worked fine in recent browsers (no IE below 9, FireFox, Google Chrome).
After adding iscroll5 all browser except IE10 still seem to work fine.
In IE10 the callback functions for 'mousedown' and 'mouseup' are never called, 'click', 'mousewheel' and 'contextmenu' still work fine ...

initialization is done with

this.iScroll = new IScroll(pContentTag, {
            'scrollX': true, 'freeScroll': true,
            'scrollbars': true, 'interactiveScrollbars': true,
            'zoom': true, 'mouseWheel': true,
            'bindToWrapper': true

any ideas?

ray007 commented Oct 24, 2013

info update: removing the if ( utils.hasPointer ) section in IScroll.prototype._initEvents() makes things work again in IE10

cubiq commented Oct 24, 2013

this is weird and would require further investigation. IE10 should responds to pointer events.

ray007 commented Oct 25, 2013

@cubiq that's the problem: IE10 does use the pointer events. But when doing so it apparently doesn't emit mousedown and mouseup events anymore, and those are used in many places in my application.

Maybe add a parameter to disable use of pointer events?

@cubiq cubiq added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 29, 2013
@cubiq fix #439 #488 #517 #428 #270 #520 #447 #452 #509 052c5ba
cubiq commented Oct 29, 2013

added option to prevent pointer events to be fired (disablePointer)

@cubiq cubiq closed this Oct 29, 2013
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