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# Copyright (C) 2017 Cuckoo Foundation.
# This file is part of Cuckoo Sandbox -
# See the file 'docs/LICENSE' for copying permission.
import olefile
import oletools.oleobj
from cuckoo.common.abstracts import Extractor
class OleStream(Extractor):
yara_rules = "OleStream"
minimum = "2.0.5"
def handle_yara(self, filepath, match):
ole = olefile.olefile.OleFileIO(filepath)
for stream in ole.listdir():
if stream[-1] != "\x01Ole10Native":
content = ole.openstream(stream).read()
stream = oletools.oleobj.OleNativeStream(content)
self.push_blob(, "binaries", None, {
"filename": stream.filename.decode("latin-1"),
"src_path": stream.src_path.decode("latin-1"),
"temp_path": stream.temp_path.decode("latin-1"),