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# Copyright (C) 2010-2015 Cuckoo Foundation.
# This file is part of Cuckoo Sandbox -
# See the file 'docs/LICENSE' for copying permission.
from lib.cuckoo.common.abstracts import Signature
import re2 as re
except ImportError:
import re
class CreatesExe(Signature):
name = "creates_exe"
description = "Creates executable files on the filesystem"
severity = 2
categories = ["generic"]
authors = ["Cuckoo Developers"]
minimum = "2.0"
ttp = ["T1129"]
pattern = (
def on_complete(self):
for filepath in self.check_file(pattern=self.pattern, actions=["file_written"], regex=True, all=True):
self.mark_ioc("file", filepath)
return self.has_marks()
class CreatesUserFolderEXE(Signature):
name = "creates_user_folder_exe"
description = "Creates an executable file in a user folder"
severity = 3
families = ["persistance"]
authors = ["Kevin Ross"]
minimum = "2.0"
ttp = ["T1129"]
directories_re = [
"^[a-zA-Z]:\\\\Documents\\ and\\ Settings\\\\[^\\\\]+\\\\Local\\ Settings\\\\.*",
def on_complete(self):
for dropped in self.get_results("dropped", []):
if "filepath" in dropped:
droppedtype = dropped["type"]
filepath = dropped["filepath"]
if "MS-DOS executable" in droppedtype:
for directory in self.directories_re:
if re.match(directory, filepath):
self.mark_ioc("file", filepath)
return self.has_marks()