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Cuckoo Sandbox 0.4.2 (2012-09-08)
* Added support for VMWare Workstation
* Added VirtualBox status change monitor and option "timeout" to virtualbox.conf
* Added log file processing size limit and option "analysis_size_limit" to
* Added directory submission to utility
* Added utility to sync custom modules from the community repository
* Fixed missing critical_timeout implementation
* Fixed delete_original race condition
* Fixed some bugs in virtual machine management
* Fixed submission with relative path
* Fixed UTF-8 chars handling in analysis.log
* Fixed race conditions in Windows analyzer
* Some minor fixes
Cuckoo Sandbox 0.4.1 (2012-08-09)
* Added Yara signatures to HTML report
* Replaced pyssdeep with pydeep
* Added support for signatures' version requirements
* Added unit tests
* Fixed delete_original race condition
* Fixed reconstruction of registry keys
* Fixed logging in cuckoomon
* Improved exception handling
Cuckoo Sandbox 0.4 (2012-07-24)
* Completely re-engineered the code base
* Replaced hooking mechanism and DLL with new, more solid code
* Removed dependency from VirtualBox
* Added support for KVM
* Introduced XMLRPC-based agent that handles the data exchange between host and guests
* Refactored the project structure
* Removed script
* Introduced support for multiple platforms and multiple analyzers
* Introduced support for custom virtualization modules
* Introduced support for custom post-analysis processing modules
* Introduced support for custom behavioral signatures
* Added VirusTotal support
* Added Yara support
* Added MongoDB reporting module
* Added HPFeeds reporting module
* Refactored Windows analyzer
* Refactored the analysis packages structure
* Introduced support for analysis packages' options
* Refactored Windows analyzer's API functions
* Introduced process memory dump support
* Introduced support for QueueUserAPC injection
Cuckoo Sandbox 0.3.2 (2012-02-04)
* Introduced MAEC analysis report.
* Introduced MAEC metadata report.
* Introduced Python pickled report.
* Added base64 encoded screenshots to CuckooDict.
* Added screenshots to HTML report.
* Added static analysis Python modules.
* Added static analysis to HTML report.
* Added list of unique involved hosts to HTML report.
* Added forced restore of snapshot at startup before checking if a virtual machine is in a valid state.
* Added forced restore of snapshots at Cuckoo's termination.
* Improved logging capabilities.
* Added invocation of also at analysis failures.
* Added IPv6 support to PCAP processing.
* Added option to delete original files after submission.
* Added folder for additional files and data to drop.
* Added API category and parent ID to raw behavioral logs entries.
* Removed distorm3.dll as a system dependency.
* Fixed issue with dumped files' names.
* Fixed bug in web server's search functionality.
* Fixed generation of analysis duration time and timestamps.
* Fixed bug in acquisition of a user-specified virtual machine.
* Fixed PHP analysis package.
* Fixed processing of screenshots and refactored their file names to a 3 digit format.
* Fixed bugs on encoding special characters in analysis data and network packets.
* Decreased default analysis timeout.
* Removed instructions trace functionalities and analysis package.
Cuckoo Sandbox 0.3.1 (2011-12-28)
* Reintroduced an older version of cmonitor, in order to address troubles encountered in 0.3 release.
* Fixed a bug in files dump caused by invalid/not regular files such as named pipes.
* Disabled suspended mode in browsers' packages.
Cuckoo Sandbox 0.3 (2011-12-27)
* Introduced minimal web server with web interface to browse through the analysis reports.
* Added a reporting engine, configurable via reporting.conf, which supports reporting modules.
* Added HTML report.
* Added TXT report.
* Added JSON data export.
* Introduced support to URL submission.
* Added possibility to specify on which virtual machine run the analysis.
* Added database interaction functions to search analysis by MD5.
* Introduced DLL analysis package.
* Introduced assembly instructions trace analysis package.
* Added MD5 filtering of dropped files.
* Added libmagic bindings to identify file types.
* Added pydoc comments to all sources.
* Added CRC32 hash.
* Added ssdeep hash.
* Added process tree generation class.
* Added UDP connections extraction.
* Distorm3 built-in into cmonitor
* Fixed cmonitor.
* Fixed chook.
* Migrated Cuckoo to Python's logging library.
* Improved Cuckoo User Guide.
* Added changelog file.
* Some minor fixes.
Cuckoo Sandbox 0.2 (2011-11-02)
First stable release, completely refactored.
Cuckoo Sandbox 0.1 beta (2011-02-05)
First public beta release.
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