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Cuckoo Sandbox Book

Cuckoo Sandbox is an open source software for automating analysis of suspicious files. To do so it makes use of custom components that monitor the behavior of the malicious processes while running in an isolated environment.

This guide will explain how to set up Cuckoo, use it, and customize it.

Using the new Cuckoo Package?

There are various big improvements related to usability in the newly released Cuckoo Package. To get the most out of it, start reading on the different subjects related to it. Following are some of the highlights:

Having troubles?

If you're having troubles you might want to check out the :doc:`FAQ <faq/index>` as it may already have the answers to your questions.

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Otherwise you can ask the developers and/or other Cuckoo users, see :doc:`Join the discussion <finalremarks/index>`.


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