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Training Wheels for Cucumber-Rails
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Cucumber-Rails Training Wheels

Cucumber-Rails Training Wheels contains a couple of generators to get you started with Cucumber and Rails really quickly. You won't even have to think! There is a little snag: If you don't take those training wheels off immediately you will end up with a complete mess. -And remember - every time you run a Cucumber feature based on Cucumber-Rails Training Wheels, god kills a kitten. But hey, you're running Cucumber!

You have been warned. I think you should read The training wheels came off


Add this to your Gemfile:

gem "cucumber-rails-training-wheels", :group => :test

Generate features/step_definitions/web_steps.rb, which will make you write really bad features:

rails generate cucumber_rails_training_wheels:install

Or generate a feature file:

rails generate cucumber_rails_training_wheels:feature post title:string body:text number:integer published:boolean
rails generate scaffold post title:string body:text number:integer published:boolean

Congratulations! You have created Cucumber features that no stakeholder will ever want to read. Features that don't express any business value at all, but hey - they are green! Good luck maintaining them. You have become an MDD pro!

Bug reports and Pull requests

Please don't bother. This gem exists for the sole purpose of helping people who are reading books or blogs that were written prior to Cucumber-Rails 1.1.0. I really want this code to go away and be forgotten.

If something is broken, just fork it, fix it and use your own fork.

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