Method Format

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The location of Java Step Definitions are reported like follows:

Given I have a transaction             # BillingSteps.iHaveATransaction()
When I send the transaction to billing # BillingSteps.iSendTheTransactionToBilling()
Then the response should be OK         # BillingSteps.theResponseShouldBeOK()

If you want finer control over how the location is reported you can specify a different format with the cuke4duke.methodFormat System property (the default is %c.%m(%a)).

  • %M: Modifiers
  • %qr: Qualified return type
  • %r: Unqualified return type
  • %qc: Qualified class
  • %c: Unqualified class
  • %m: Method name
  • %qa: Qualified arguments
  • %a: Unqualified arguments
  • %qe: Qualified exceptions
  • %e: Unqualified exceptions