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  • Set permissions to values which are supported on Windows (PR #398, issue #388

  • Remove Aruba::Reporting (PR #389)

  • Rename bin/cli to bin/aruba-test-cli to prevent name conflict (PR #390)

  • Drop support for ruby < 1.9.3 and rubinius (PR #385)

  • Fixed wrong number of arguments in Aruba::Platforms::WindowsEnvironmentVariables#delete (issue #349, PR #358, credit @e2)

  • Fixed colors in script/bootstrap (PR #352, credit @e2)

  • Fixed use of removed Utils-module (PR #347, credit @e2)

  • Fixed exception handler in BasicProcess (PR #357, credit @e2)

  • Fixed step to check for existing of files (PR #375, credit @rubbish)

  • Fixed unset instance variable (PR ##372, credit @e2)

  • Added vision and hints to project README (PR #366)

  • Fixed setting environment variables on Windows (PR #358, credit @e2)

  • Fixed the logic to determine disk usage (PR #359, credit @e2)

  • Prefixed exception in rescue-call to make it fail with a proper error message (issue #376)

  • Run and build aruba in isolated environment via docker (credit @e2 in #353, PR #382)

  • Run container with docker-compose without making docker-compose a required dependency. Rake tasks read in the docker-compose.yml instead (PR #382)

  • Document developer rake tasks via cucumber features (PR #382)

  • Add more hints to (PR #382)

  • Add (WIP) (credit @e2) (PR #382)

  • Cleanup rake tasks via separate namespaces (PR #382)

  • Some more minor fixes (PR #382)

  • Don't run feature test if executable required for test is not installed (python, bash, zsh, javac, ...) (PR #382)

  • Support for rubies older than 1.9.3 is discontinued - e.g 1.8.7 and 1.9.2

  • aruba requires "cucumber 2" for the feature steps. The rest of aruba should be usable by whatever testing framework you are using.

  • Overwriting methods for configuration is discontinued. You need to use aruba.config.<variable> or Aruba.configure { |config| config.<variable> instead.

  • "aruba/reporting" will be removed. Please use @debug-tag + byebug, debugger, pry to troubleshoot your feature tests.

  • Set environment variables will have only effect on #run and the like + #with_environment { }.

  • The process environment will be fully resetted between tests. Sharing state via ENV['VAR'] = 'shared state' between tests will not be possible anymore. Please make that obvious by using explicit steps or use the aruba API for that.

  • There will be a major cleanup for command execution. There will be only run and run_simple left. run_interactive is replaced by run.

  • Setting the root directory of aruba via method overwrite or configuration - this should be your project root directory where the test suite is run.

  • The direct use of "InProcess", "DebugProcess" and "SpawnProcess" is not supported anymore. You need to use "Command" instead. But be careful, it has a different API.

  • HOME can be configured via Aruba.configure {} and defaults to File.join(aruba.config.root_directory, aruba.config.working_directory?) if aruba/cucumber or aruba/rspec is used.

  • Use different working directories based on test suite - RSpec, Cucumber. It's tmp/rspec and tmp/cucumber now to make sure they do not overwrite the test results from each other.

  • The use of @interactive is discontinued. You need to use #last_command_started-method to get access to the interactively started command.

  • If multiple commands have been started, each output has to be check separately

    Scenario: Detect stdout from all processes
      When I run `printf "hello world!\n"`
      And I run `cat` interactively
      And I type "hola"
      And I type "�"
      Then the stdout should contain:
        hello world!
      And the stdout should contain:
      And the stderr should not contain anything


  • Fixed bug in framework step


  • Add <project_root>/exe to search path for commands: This is the new default if you setup a project with bundler.
  • Add some more steps to modify environment


  • Add two new hooks for rspec and cucumber to make troubleshooting feature files easier (PR #338):
    • command_content: Outputs command content - helpful for scripts
    • command_filesystem_status: Outputs information like group, owner, mode, atime, mtime
  • Add generator to create ad hoc script file (PR #323, @AdrieanKhisbe)
  • Colored announcer output similar to the color of cucumber tags: cyan
  • Fixed bug in announcer. It announces infomation several times due to duplicate announce-calls.
  • Refactorings to internal #simple_table-method (internal)
  • Refactored Announcer, now it supports blocks for announce as well (internal)
  • Fix circular require warnings (issue #339)
  • Fix use of old instances variable "@io_wait" (issue #341). Now the default value for io_wait_timeout can be set correctly.
  • Make it possible to announce information on command error, using a new option called activate_announcer_on_command_failure (PR #335, @njam)
  • Re-integrate event-bus-library into aruba-core (PR #342)


  • Add matcher to check if a command can be found in PATH (PR #336)
  • Fixed issue with environment variables set by external libraries (fix #321, issue #320)


  • Fixed problem with positional arguments in #run_simple() (issue #322)


  • Use fixed version of event-bus
  • Refactored and improved documentation (feature tests) in PR #309


  • Accidently pushed to - yanked it afterwards


  • Fixed syntax for Hash on ruby 1.8.7
  • Reorder rubies in .travis.yml


  • Fixed syntax for proc on ruby 1.8.7


  • Integrate EventBus to decouple announcers from starting, stopping commands etc. This uses nearly the same implementation like cucumber. (PR #309)
  • Starting/Stopping a command directly (command.start, command.stop) is now reported to the command monitor and last_command_stopped is updated correctly
  • Added #restart to Command to make it possible to restart a command
  • Added check to prevent a command which has already been started, to be started again. Otherwise you've got hidden commands which are not stopped after a cucumber/rspec/minitest run.
  • Adding alot of documentation to aruba
  • Refactored #run: Now it wants you to pass a Hash containing the options. The old syntax is still supported, but is deprecated.
  • Added #find_command as experimental feature. It searches the started commands from last to first.
  • Added be_an_executable matcher


  • Set stop signal which should be used to stop a process after a timeout or used to terminate a process. This can be used to stop processes running docker + "systemd". If you send a systemd-enable container SIGINT it will be stopped.
  • Added a configurable amount of time after a command was started - startup_wait_time. Otherwise you get problems when a process takes to long to startup when you run in background and want to sent it a signal.
  • Replace <variable> in commandline, e.g. <pid-last-command-started> [experimental]
  • Added announce formatter for time spans, e.g. startup_wait_time
  • All *Process-classes e.g. BasicProcess, SpawnProcess etc. are marked as private. Users should use #run('cmd') and don't use the classes directly.
  • rvm-methods are deprecated. They too ruby specific.


  • Fixed problem in regex after merge of step definitions


  • Merged remove steps for file and directory from 4 into 2 step definitions


  • Fix '"#exit_timeout" is deprecated' error (issue #314)


  • Take over code from RSpec::Support::ObjectFormatter since rspec-support is not intended for public use.



  • Fix feature test
  • Fix ordering in console
  • Fix bug in console handling SIGINT
  • Deprecated Aruba/Reporting before we remove it


  • Redefine #to_s and #inspect for BasicProcess to reduce the sheer amount of information, if a command produces a lot of output
  • Added new matcher #all_objects to check if an object is included + a error message for failures which is similar to the #all-matcher of RSpec
  • Add have_output-, have_output_on_stderr, have_output_on_stdout-matchers
  • Replace all assert_* and check_*-methods through expectations
  • Add hook @announce-output to output both, stderr and stdout
  • Add a lot of documentation (issue #260)
  • Replace #last_command through #last_command_started and #last_command_stopped to make it more explicit
  • Improve syntax highlighting in cucumber feature tests by adding programming language to """-blocks
  • Rename tags @ignore-* to @unsupported-on-*
  • Introduce our own BaseMatcher-class to remove the dependency to RSpec's private matcher APIs
  • Now we make the process started via SpawnProcess the leader of the group to kill all sub-processes more reliably


  • Improve documentation for filesystem api and move it to feature tests
  • Add logger to aruba. Its output can be captured by rspec.
  • Fix incorrect deprecation message for check_file_presence (issue #292)
  • Fix for Gemfile excludes windows for many gems (issue #282)
  • Make feature tests compatible with ruby 1.9.2
  • Gather disk usage for file(s) (issue #294)
  • Replace keep_ansi-config option by remove_ansi_escape_sequences-option
  • Split up #unescape into #extract_text and #unescape_text
  • Use UnixPlatform and WindowsPlatform to make code for different platforms maintainable
  • Work around ENV-bug in Jruby buy using #dup on ENV.to_h (issue jruby/jruby#3162)
  • Speed up test on JRuby by using --dev-flag
  • Work around problems when copying files with cp on MRI-ruby 1.9.2
  • Add cmd.exe /c for SpawnProcess on Windows (issue #302)
  • Split up #which for Windows and Unix/Linux (issue #304)
  • Add aruba console-command to play around with aruba (issue 305)


  • Fix problem if working directory of aruba does not exist (issue #286)
  • Re-Add removed method only_processes
  • Fixed problem with last exit status
  • Added appveyor to run tests of aruba on Windows (issue #287)
  • Make the home directory configurable and use Around/around-hook to apply it
  • Add announcer to output the full environment before a command is run
  • Use prepend_environment_variable to modify PATH for rspec integration
  • Add VERSION-constant to aruba and use it for code which should be activated on >= 1.0.0


  • Build with cucumber 1.3.x on ruby 1.8.7, with cucumber 2.x on all other platforms
  • Fixed bugs in aruba's cucumber steps
  • Disable use of win32/file
  • Fixed but in in_current_dir* not returning the result of the block
  • Fixed checks for file content
  • Fixed selectors for DebugProcess and InProcess to support sub-classes as well


  • Depend on cucumber 1.3.x for compatibility on ruby 1.8.7
  • Change PWD and OLDPW when cd('path') {} is used within that block
  • Make nesting of cd possible
  • Make run inside cd possible
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Move Aruba.proces = InProcess|SpawnProcess|DebugProcess to aruba.config
  • Deprecate direct use of InProcess|SpawnProcess|DebugProcess. Now Command needs to be used
  • Add new configuration options command_launcher and main_klass for deprecation of old-style Aruba.process = <class>, :spawn is the default value for the command_launcher-option
  • Added checks for version of rspec-expectations to support older rspec versions like 2.11
  • Now each path/to/dir pushed to aruba.current_directory is poped as whole
  • Make testing of aruba.current_directory easier by supporting end_with? and start_with?


  • Relax requirement on rspec-expectations (3.3 -> 2.11)


  • Make aruba compatible with "ruby 1.8.7" and "ruby 1.9.3" again (fixes #279)
  • Move more and more documentation to cucumber steps (partly fixes #268)
  • Refactoring of test suits, now rspec tests run randomly
  • Move Aruba constants to configuration class (fixes #271)
  • Added runtime configuration via aruba.config which is reset for each test run
  • Refactored hooks: now there are after() and before()-hooks, old before_cmd-hook is still working, but is deprecated, added new after(:command)-hook.
  • Refactored jruby-startup helper
  • Cleanup API by moving deprecated methods to separate class
  • Cleanup Core API - reduced to cd, expand_path, setup_aruba and use expand_path wherever possible (fixes #253)
  • Better isolation for environment variable manipulation - really helpful from 1.0.0 on
  • Move configuration files like jruby.rb to aruba/config/-directory
  • Change default exit timeout to 15 seconds to work around long running processes on travis
  • Use of instance variables like @aruba_timeout_seconds or @aruba_io_wait_seconds are deprecated. Use Aruba.configure do |config| config.exit_timeout = 10 etc. for this.


  • Really Fixed post install message


  • Fixed post install message


  • Do not trigger Announcer API deprecation warning (issue #277)


  • Do not break if @interactive is used


  • Introducing root_directory (issue #232)
  • Introducing fixtures directory (issue #224)
  • Make sure a file/directory does not exist + Cleanup named file/directory steps (issue #234)
  • Make matcher have_permisions public and add documentation (issue #239)
  • Added matcher for file content (issue #238)
  • Add rspec integrator (issue #244)
  • Deprecate _file/_directory in method names (issue #243)
  • Improve development environment (issue #240)
  • Cleanup process management (issue #257)
  • Make path content available through matchers and api metchods (issue #250)
  • Refactor announcer to support user defined announce channels (fixes #267)
  • InProcess requires that the working directory is determined on runtime not no loadtime


  • Fixed minor issue #223)
  • Added support for ruby 2.1.3 -- 2.1.5
  • Added support for comparison to a fixture file


  • Added support for ruby 2.1.2
  • Added support for ~ expansion
  • Added support for with_env


  • Dropped support for ruby 1.8
  • Added support for ruby 2.1.0 and 2.1.1
  • Added rspec 3.0.0 support


  • Added support for piping in files (#154 maxmeyer, dg-vrnetze)
  • Added cucumber steps for environment variables (#156 dg-vrnetze)
  • Added support for file mode (#157 maxmeyer, dg-vrnetze)


  • Fix for UTF-8 support (#151 Matt Wynne, Jarl Friis)
  • Fix for open file leakage (#150 @JonRowe)


  • Plugin API for greater speed. Test Ruby CLI programs in a single Ruby process (#148 Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Fix memory leak when several commands are executed in a single run (#144 @y-higuchi)


  • Individual timeout settings when running commands (#124 Jarl Friis)
  • Varous fixes for JRuby tests, should now work on more versions of JRuby


  • Add #with_file_content to the DSL (#110 Pavel Argentov)
  • Make JRuby performance tweaks optional (#102 Taylor Carpenter, #125 Andy Lindeman)
  • Add assert_partial_output_interactive so you can peek at the output from a running process (#104 Taylor Carpenter)
  • Add assert_not_matching_output (#111 Pavel Argentov)
  • Add remove_dir (#121 Piotr Niełacny)


  • Fix duplicated output (#91 Robert Wahler, Matt Wynne)
  • Fix Gemspec format (#101 Matt Wynne)


  • Fix broken JRuby file following rename of hook (Thomas Reynolds)
  • Add terminate method to API (Taylor Carpenter)


  • Rename before_run hook to before_cmd (Matt Wynne)
  • Fix 1.8.7 compatibility (#95 Dave Copeland)


  • Add before_run hook (Matt Wynne)
  • Add JRuby performance tweaks (#93 Myron Marston / Matt Wynne)
  • Invalid/Corrupt spec file for 0.4.7 - undefined method call for nil:Nilclass (#47 Aslak Hellesøy)


  • Remove rdiscount dependency. (#85 Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Pin to ffi 1.0.9 since 1.0.10 is broken. (Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Added file size specific steps to the Aruba API. (#89 Hector Castro)


  • Upgraded deps to latest gems. (Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Added Regexp support to Aruba::Api#assert_no_partial_output (Aslak Hellesøy)


  • Better assertion failure message when an exit code is not as expected. (Matt Wynne)


  • Fix various bugs with interative processes. (Matt Wynne)


  • Aruba reporting now creates an index file for reports, linking them all together. (Aslak Hellesøy)


  • Appending to a file creates the parent directory if it doesn't exist. (Aslak Hellesøy)


  • Move more logic into Aruba::Api (Aslak Hellesøy)


  • New, awesome HTML reporting feature that captures everything that happens during a scenario. (Aslak Hellesøy)
  • ANSI escapes from output are stripped by default. Override this with the @ansi tag. (Aslak Hellesøy)


  • Make Aruba::Api#get_process return the last executed process with passed cmd (Potapov Sergey)
  • Replace announce with puts to comply with cucumber 0.10.6 (Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Fix childprocess STDIN to be synchronous (#40, #71 Tim Ekl)


  • Changed default value of @aruba_timeout_seconds from 1 to 3. (Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Separate hooks and steps to make it easier to build your own steps on top of Aruba's API (Mike Sassak)
  • @no-clobber to prevent cleanup before each scenario (Mike Sassak)


  • Store processes in an array to ensure order of operations on Ruby 1.8.x (#48 Mike Sassak)


  • Use backticks (`) instead of quotes (") to specify command line. Quote still works, but is deprecated. (Anthony Eden, Aslak Hellesøy)


  • Updated RSpec development requirement to 2.5 (Robert Speicher, Mike Sassak, Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Updated RubyGems dependency to 1.6.1 (Robert Speicher)


  • Wrong number of args in the When I overwrite step (Aslak Hellesøy)


  • Broken 0.3.0 release (#43, #44 Mike Sassak)
  • Quotes (") and newline (\n) in step arguments are no longer unescaped. (Aslak Hellesøy)


  • Remove latency introduced in the 0.2.8 release (#42 Mike Sassak)
  • New stepdef Then /^the stdout should contain:$/ do |partial_output| (Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Quotes (") and newline (\n) in step arguments no longer need to be backslash-escaped. (Aslak Hellesøy)


  • Replaced background_process with childprocess, a cross-platform process control library. This will allow Aruba to run on Windows and JRuby in addition to *nix MRI. (#16, #27, #31 Mike Sassak, Jari Bakken, Matt Wynne, Arve Knudsen)


  • Upgrade to Cucumber 0.10.0. (Aslak Hellesøy)
  • require 'aruba' does nothing - you have to require 'aruba/cucumber' now. This is to prevent bundler from loading it when we don't want to. (Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Outputting a lot of data causes process to time out (#30 Mike Sassak)


  • You can set @aruba_timeout_seconds in a Before hook to tell Aruba to wait for a process to complete. Default: 1 second. (Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Fixed small bug in /^the stdout should contain exactly:$/ (Aslak Hellesøy)


  • Added 'a file named "whatever" should (not) exist' (Robert Speicher)
  • Added 'a directory named "whatever" should (not) exist' (Robert Speicher)
  • Added /^the stderr should contain exactly:"$/ (Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Added /^the stdout should contain exactly:"$/ (Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Added /it should pass with exactly:/ (Aslak Hellesøy)
  • @announce, @announce-dir and @announce-cmd for interactive processes (Mike Sassak)
  • Add step defs for detecting output, stdout and stderr by process name (Mike Sassak)
  • Stop all processes before verifying filesystem changes to ensure async operations are complete (#17 Mike Sassak)
  • Outputting large amounts of data causes run steps to hang (#18 Mike Sassak)


  • Added step definitions for removing files and checking presence of a single file. (Aslak Hellesøy)


  • Directory should not exist gives false-positive (#13,#15 Nicholas Rutherford)
  • Added step definitions for comparing file contents with regexps (#9 Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Always put ./bin at the beginning of $PATH to make it easier to run own executables (#7 Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Communication with interactive processes (#4 Mike Sassak)
  • Remove hyphens separating stdout and stderr (Arve Knudsen)


  • Added a @bin tag that sets up './bin' first on the path (Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Richer API making aruba easier to use from Ruby code. (Mark Nijhof, Aslak Hellesøy)
  • No more support for RVM. Use rvm 1.9.2,1.8.7 exec cucumber .... instead. (Mark Nijhof, Aslak Hellesøy)


  • Always compare with RSpec should =~ instead of should match. This gives a diff when there is no match. (Aslak Hellesøy)


  • Added aruba.gemspec. (David Chelimsky)

  • Several step definitions regarding output have changed. (#1 Aslak Hellesøy)

    • /^I should see "([^"]*)"$/
    • /^the output should contain "([^"]*)"$/
    • /^I should not see "([^"]*)"$/
    • /^the output should not contain "([^"]*)"$/
    • /^I should see:$/
    • /^the output should contain:$/
    • /^I should not see:$/
    • /^the output should not contain:$/
    • /^I should see exactly "([^"]*)"$/
    • /^the output should contain exactly "([^"]*)"$/
    • /^I should see exactly:$/
    • /^the output should contain exactly:$/
    • /^I should see matching /([^/]*)/$/
    • /^the output should match /([^/]*)/$/
    • /^I should see matching:$/
    • /^the output should match:$/


  • If the GOTGEMS environment variable is set, bundler won't run (faster). (Aslak Hellesøy)


  • Use // instead of "" for "I should see matching" step. (Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Replace rvm gemset character '%' with '@' for rvm 0.1.24 (#5 Ashley Moran)
  • Support gem bundler, making it easier to specify gems. (Aslak Hellesøy)


  • New @announce-stderr tag (Robert Wahler)
  • New "I should see matching" steps using Regexp (Robert Wahler)


  • When /^I successfully run "(.*)"$/ now prints the combined output if exit status is not 0. (Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Add bundle to list of common ruby scripts. (Aslak Hellesøy)


  • Added ability to map rvm versions to a specific version with config/aruba-rvm.yml. (Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Check for presence of files. (Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Allow specification of rvm gemsets. (Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Detect ruby commands and use current ruby when rvm is not explicitly used. (Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Added support for rvm, making it possible to choose Ruby interpreter. (Aslak Hellesøy)
  • Added @announce-cmd, @announce-stdout and @announce tags, useful for seeing what's executed and outputted. (Aslak Hellesøy)


  • New step definition for appending to a file (Aslak Hellesøy)


  • New step definition for cd (change directory) (Aslak Hellesøy)


  • Separated API from Cucumber step definitions, makes this usable without Cucumber. (Aslak Hellesøy)


  • Better Regexp escaping (David Chelimsky)


  • First release (David Chelimsky and Aslak Hellesøy)