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Ruby (MRI) and JRuby

You need MRI 1.9.3 or 2.0.0 to build the native C code. OS X and Linux users can install this easily with RVM or rbenv + ruby-build.

Now you need to install dependencies. cd to this directory (bool/ruby) and run:

gem install bundler && bundle

This should install the gems listed in bool.gemspec. If you have already managed to build the C code you should be fine to proceed and build the C extension. Just run

bundle exec rake

Ruby (MRI) on Windows

To build windows gems we need to precompile the C extension using MinGW. For OS X the top level Makefile should download MinGW, so all you need to do is to cd to the root directory and run:

make winruby

That should create a .so file under lib.


First, install the latest JRuby with RVM or rbenv.

Second, we need to put a jruby executable your PATH:

mkdir ~/bin
echo 'export PATH="$HOME/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.bash_profile

Third, create a ~/bin/jruby script for either RVM or rbenv.


RVM users can set up a jruby like so:

ln -s ~/.rvm/rubies/jruby-1.7.9/bin/jruby ~/bin/jruby


rbenv users can set up a jruby like so:

cp rbenv-jruby ~/bin/jruby

Testing with jruby

The build should pass with:

jruby -S gem install bundler && jruby -S bundle
jruby -S rake
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