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.github Tweak issue template Jul 9, 2018
.templates Update packages to use cucumber-messages v2 Oct 15, 2018
bin/linux/amd64 dotnet: Update release scripts to use dotnet May 30, 2018
c21e Extract c21e-java Oct 15, 2018
config Extract c21e-java Oct 15, 2018
cucumber-expressions Update packages to use cucumber-messages v2 Oct 15, 2018
cucumber-messages Add more messages to cucumber-messages Oct 21, 2018
cucumber-react Switch from yarn to npm (yarn doesn't run postinstall properly) Aug 13, 2018
cucumber-redux Switch from yarn to npm (yarn doesn't run postinstall properly) Aug 13, 2018
datatable Decrypt GPG signing key before deploying Oct 14, 2018
dots-formatter Add more messages to cucumber-messages Oct 21, 2018
gherkin-lint Add missing newline Oct 13, 2018
gherkin Add more messages to cucumber-messages Oct 21, 2018
html-formatter Switch from yarn to npm (yarn doesn't run postinstall properly) Aug 13, 2018
pretty-formatter/go Update packages to use cucumber-messages v2 Oct 15, 2018
scripts Simplify release process Oct 14, 2018
tag-expressions Merge branch 'master' into cucumber-engine-messages Oct 21, 2018
.gitignore Update build scripts Jul 16, 2018
.travis.yml gherkin: Disable .NET build Jul 1, 2018 Test on more Node.js, remove Gitter references Nov 27, 2017 Fix link to newcomer issues label good-first-issue Jun 14, 2018 Simplify release process Oct 14, 2018
Dockerfile.cucumber-build Go back to alpine 3.8 - node is currently broken on edge (can't make … Sep 17, 2018
Dockerfile.cucumber-build-dotnet use latest sdk docker images May 7, 2018 Change http to https Aug 8, 2018
LICENSE Copy license to sub repos Jun 22, 2016
Makefile Rename messages to cucumber-messaged Sep 15, 2018 Build status badge shows status for master branch only Oct 5, 2018 cucumber-expressions: Release v6.0.1 Jun 15, 2018 Build tweaks Sep 24, 2018

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Cucumber is a tool that supports Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) - a software development process that aims to enhance software quality and reduce maintenance costs.

Cucumber executes executable specifications written in plain language and produces reports indicating whether the software behaves according to the specification or not.

Cucumber reduces the effort to keep requirements specifications, tests and documentation in sync - with Cucumber they are all the same documents - a single source of truth for everyone on the team.

Cucumber is compatible with all the major software platforms.


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