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Direct execution of features (no wire protocol) #50

paoloambrosio opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Allow Cucumber-Cpp to execute features directly using the Gherkin parser without relying on Cucumber-Ruby.


I was actually thinking the other way around... about letting Cucumber do all the parsing, and just passing a list of the captures resulting from processing the regex in Ruby land over as a list of strings and possibly other types.

Ultimately, it would be nice to bypass the Wire Protocol and sockets completely. Cucumber-Cpp could fairly easily provide an simple entry point that Cucumber could bind to. That way, the Ruby and C++ sides would both run in the same process, and startup would be MUCH easier.

We have a pretty large team using your stuff Paolo, and I would be happy to contribute...

I also could add a Rake extension to allow easy integration of a runner into a rake build system, and also a mini-wrapper around cmake to be able to build your stuff more easily.

This was referenced

What you suggest was feature #8. This would be useful for people that don't need and want to use other languages other than C++. It is part of Gherkin 3. Since it seems that several users are using Ruby and C++ together, I would like to implement both this (native C++) and #8.

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