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Cucumber includes an executable file to run your scenarios. After installing the @cucumber/cucumber package, you can run it directly:

$ ./node_modules/.bin/cucumber-js

Or via a package.json script:

  "scripts": {
    "cucumber": "cucumber-js"

Or via npx:

$ npx cucumber-js


All the standard configuration options can be provided via the CLI.

Additionally, there are a few options that are specific to the CLI:

Option Type Repeatable Description
--config, -c string No Path to your configuration file - see Files
--profile, -p string[] Yes Profiles from which to include configuration - see Profiles
--version, -v boolean No Print the currently installed version of Cucumber, then exit immediately
--i18n-keywords string No Print the Gherkin keywords for the given ISO-639-1 language code, then exit immediately
--i18n-languages boolean No Print the supported languages for Gherkin, then exit immediately

To see the available options for your installed version, run:

$ cucumber-js --help


By default, cucumber exits when the event loop drains. Use the forceExit configuration option in order to force shutdown of the event loop when the test run has finished:

  • In a configuration file { forceExit: true }
  • On the CLI $ cucumber-js --force-exit

This is discouraged, as fixing the issues that causes the hang is a better long term solution. Some potential resources for that are: