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Cucumber.js changelog



New features

  • Add support for background (#9 Julien Biezemans)

Internals and tests

  • Bump cucumber-features (twice) (Julien Biezemans)
  • Bump gherkin and reflect changes in its API (add DocString content type) (Julien Biezemans)


Changed features

  • Stop polluting the global namespace with Given(), When() and Then() (#2 Julien Biezemans)
  • Step definitions can be created with the support code helper passed as 'this': this.Given(), this.When(), this.Then() and this.defineStep() (#2 Julien Biezemans)

Internals and tests

  • Fix typo "occured" -> "occurred" (Fernando Acorreia)
  • Improve variable names in CLI support code loader (Julien Biezemans)


New features

  • Allow several features to run at once (#14 Julien Biezemans)
  • Add support for --require (Julien Biezemans)

Internals and tests

  • Improve features and support code API (Julien Biezemans)
  • Add "Cli" and "Volatile" configurations (Julien Biezemans)
  • Internal refactoring and cleanup (Julien Biezemans)
  • Cucumber.js can now fully test itself (Julien Biezemans)
  • Remove run_all_features script in favor of bin/cucumber.js (Julien Biezemans)


New features

  • Add failure reporting to the progress formatter (#20 Julien Biezemans)


New features

  • Publish Cucumber.js to NPM as cucumber (Julien Biezemans)

Changed features

  • Throw a clearer exception on missing feature argument (CLI) (Julien Biezemans)

Internals and tests

  • Unify and clean up js-specific features and step definitions (#21 Julien Biezemans)


New features

  • Add cucumber.js executable (Julien Biezemans)
  • Handle step failures (#6 Julien Biezemans)
  • Add the progress formatter (#16 Julien Biezemans)
  • Add support for pending steps (#18 Julien Biezemans)
  • Add support for undefined steps (#19 Julien Biezemans)

Changed features

  • Update web example to use the new progress formatter (Julien Biezemans)


  • Fix asynchronous step definition callbacks (#1 Julien Biezemans)
  • Fix stepResult.isSuccessful call in ProgressFormatter (Julien Biezemans)
  • Load Gherkin properly in browsers (Julien Biezemans)
  • Remove calls to console.log in web example (Julien Biezemans)

Internals and tests

  • Pass against core.feature in its new form, both with the Cucumber-ruby/Aruba pair and cucumber-js itself (Julien Biezemans)
  • Refactor cucumber-features JS mappings (Julien Biezemans)
  • Refactor js-specific features (Julien Biezemans)
  • Rename PyString to DocString (#15 Julien Biezemans)
  • Update Gherkin to 2.4.0 (Julien Biezemans)
  • Modularize the project and use browserify.js to serve a single JS file to browsers. (#3 Julien Biezemans)
  • Rename Cucumber.Types to Cucumber.Type (Julien Biezemans)
  • Use progress formatter in cucumber-features (#17 Julien Biezemans)



  • Emerge Cucumber.js with bare support for features, scenarios and steps. It does not handle several Gherkin elements nor failures yet. (Julien Biezemans)
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